Your Voice Helped Turn The Tide Against Antisemitism!

YOU—our PJTN Watchmen—helped turn the tide on antisemitism this week!

On Monday, the California State Board of Education announced that the controversial, highly antisemitic Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum (ESMC) was defeated and would be replaced by an entirely newly written content proposal.

This happened after public outcry, including that of our PJTN Watchmen who were mobilized over the past several weeks after our members contacted the offices of the Governor and the State Board of Education in California to state their opposition of the proposed ESMC content.  I’m very grateful that our organization has the benefit of amazingly pro-active grassroots supporters—like YOU—who continually answer the call to action in force, as you did in this case.

I am proud too, that PJTN collaborated with over 80 Jewish and Christian organizations, standing shoulder-to-shoulder on the frontlines in support of Israel—in filing a joint letter to the California Department of Education demanding safeguards against political indoctrination and antisemitic content found in the new ESMC curriculum that was being proposed.  This is a tremendous victory in the ongoing battle against antisemitism and the extremist factions that seek to indoctrinate America’s children, fueling hatred for Israel within their very classrooms.

YOUR voice matters.  To our valued ally organizations in this fight, both Christian and Jewish, I am sending a grateful message to say:  Seeing the success of unity, we must take this moment to commit to continue to speak out with ‘one voice’ as Christians and Jews in opposition against antisemitism wherever it is found.  We must now be vigilant to ensure those who draft the revised curriculum be forewarned that any attempt to promote political, ethnic or religious enmity towards any group or to attempt to weaponize high school students to take action based on propaganda, enmity towards any race, religion, group or individual will not be tolerated on our watch.

In sharing the good news of this success—please know the vital role you played!  Had it been approved, the curriculum in question would have offered California High school students a full course of study that presented Israel and the Jewish people as part of a system of oppression and privilege that must be fought with resistance, while posing sympathy for pro-Palestine rights and agendas based on a false narrative.  Additional prepared materials for students included a positive cultural lens of study of the influence of national figures such as Ilhan Omar, Rashida Tlaib and Women’s March leader Linda Sarsour—all of whom are associated with antisemitic, anti-Israel rhetoric—and in the case of Omar and Tlaib—a push towards Congress to enact pro-BDS legislation to punish Israel.

We need more victories as the battle against antisemitism is far from over!  

YOUR voice as a PJTN Watchman is being heard, thanks to the unity of “one voice” that is made up of many individuals who have joined PJTN to loudly proclaim, “Never Again!” to the hatred of antisemitism.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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