Will German Christians Be Silent Again?

Last week, I spent several hours reading about the history of the courageous Christians in Denmark who resisted Hitler and his murderous thugs by rescuing 7,000 of its almost 9,000 Jews.  At great risk to their own lives and that of their families, they courageously chose instead to draw a line in the sand and protect the “apples of God’s eye” who were among them.


You can only imagine the displeasure I felt upon reading Angela Merkel’s confession this week of the unfortunate admittance of Germany’s dark past awakening once again. 


Over the Memorial Day weekend here in America, Germany’s Commissioner on anti-Semitism, Felix Klein, issued a statement to media that eerily harkened back to another time. His Saturday message was simple:  Germany’s Jewish community should avoid wearing the traditional kippot in public because of rising anti-Semitism, essentially telling the Jews of Germany that their government could no longer guarantee their protection if they did.


Once again, in a Christian nation that has been so beleaguered with its dark anti-Semitic history, Christians won’t publicly demand their government arrest the anti-Semites and protect its Jewish communities?  


From Martin Luther’s anti-Semitic tirade against the Jews, to the anti-Semitism that engulfed Germany with the rise of the Nazis, the spirit of anti-Semitism has arisen with no condemnation from the German Christian leaders.


I want to remind PJTN Watchmen—most of us not yet even alive at the time to recall first hand—of some light in the midst of the dark days of the Holocaust.  It is “light” from history that we must today replicate and shine in the gathering darkness of current news like that coming this weekend from Germany.


It was the Christians in Denmark, the only occupied country that actively resisted Nazi regime efforts to deport its Jewish citizens, that were willing to resist the evil of Hitler’s Final Solution. The Danish resistance received secret information in September 1943 from a Nazi diplomat that a mass deportation of Danish Jews was planned. The Danes responded quickly, and organized a nationwide effort to smuggle Jews by sea to neutral Sweden.


The Jews in Denmark were also warned of these plans by the Danish resistance and began to leave Copenhagen, where most of Denmark’s 8,000 Jews lived. But many couldn’t leave, so the Danish people found hiding places for them in homes, hospitals and churches. During two weeks in October of 1943, fishermen ferried over seven thousand Danish Jews and 680 non-Jewish family members to safety across the Orestund Strait, a narrow body of water separating Denmark from Sweden that was heavily patrolled by German U-boats. This clandestine rescue was done at great personal risk, including death if caught or captured.


This rescue effort was unique because it was nationwide.  Even though 90% of Denmark’s Jews reached safety, about 500 were deported to the Theresienstadt concentration camp in Czechoslovakia.  Yet, even among these, all but 51 survived the Holocaust, largely because Danish officials kept pressure on the Germans regarding their well-being. The Danes proved beyond a doubt that widespread support for Jews and resistance to Nazi policies could save lives.   


In like manner, the word against anti-Semitism in this generation is but one: “resistance!”


PJTN calls on its Watchmen and friends to hear the Watchman’s shofar and refuse to be silent!


Our goal is to launch a similar show of solidarity with our Jewish brethren by asking PJTN Watchmen to wear kippahs in order to send a message to the government of Germany and the German Church to shame them for not having the courage to condemn the rising anti-Semitism in their midst and quash it once and for all.  After all, this is 2019 for heavens sake!  Can’t Germans repent of their sin and love the “apple of God’s eye?”  Wake up German Church!  Have you fallen so far that you cannot be awakened?  Are you so completely asleep, that you are unable to be awakened from your stupor?  Are you allowing this hatred to arise on your watch now? Shame on you!  Our Watchmen must say loudly and clearly that we will not tolerate a return of Nazi-style hatred. A call in the Spirit has gone forth: Can you hear it? Like the Christians in Denmark during those dark days, we too can take a stand by declaring unequivocally – NOT ON OUR WATCH!


Your donation to PJTN makes all we do possible—and allows us to cross oceans to globally influence Christians, Jews and all people of conscience through media and through television programming such as Focus On Israel which beams into Germany and all of Europe through our 21 global media satellite partners!   


We must stay on “the watch” and on the air!  Please join in the efforts as a “Watchman On The Wall” and let your voice be heard in this new generation!”


We cannot do it without you!





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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