What Is The Role Of The Selfless Leader?

The world as we know it has changed dramatically.  It is rare to find authentic leaders who are committed to uphold justice and defend righteousness without compromising their faith and values for what is politically expedient or financially beneficial.

In this week’s Torah portion (Numbers 16:1 Numbers 18:32), Korach challenged Moses’ leadership saying, “All the people in the community are holy, and G-d is with them. Why are you setting yourselves above G-d’s congregation?” 

What are the characteristics and role of a selfless leader who has God’s vision and mission at heart?  My thoughts turn to Moses and his selfless leadership as well as the responsibility within that role.

Six months after 9/11, I was faced with a daunting challenge in my own life.  As a student of the Bible and a media veteran, I knew God was calling me to use my skill set to educate and activate Christians around the world to stand with our Jewish brethren and Israel against the rise of global anti-Semitism.

As a student of the history of anti-Semitism in general and Christian anti-Semitism specifically, I knew that the only way to confront this global threat was to educate Christians about the disinformation that has been pervasive throughout Christian history.

It was during a trip to Israel in 2003, that I saw first hand how the propaganda machine in the global mainstream media was using disinformation to spread lies about Israel and the Jews that would ultimately lead once again to their persecution.

It was at that moment that I knew God was calling me to use my leadership skills and the talent He had given me to expose this insidious campaign.  I resolved to remind Christians of the promises of God to Israel and the Jewish people clearly articulated in the Bible.  I believed that this would inspire them to lead and mobilize people of faith in their communities and in their media as well.

As shared in an essay on Korach on Aish.com, the author states, “A true leader…  is defined not by what he is, but by what he is not. The single most important quality of a true leader is: bittul – humility (“Moses was the most humble among all people on Earth”). He is invisible, and therefore becomes a vehicle (merkavah) to G-dliness; he is a living example and the epitome of how G-d wants a person to be.”

I receive numerous emails from pro-Israel advocates from around the world who are for the first time hearing about PJTN and our global mission.  Many will say, “Why have I never heard about your organization?”  Our focus is to empower people of faith in order to mobilize them to action.  The influence is not my message; it is the Bible, G-d’s Word that serves as the inspiration to mobilize people to action.

Case in point is our recent trip to Johannesburg.  Our Focus On Israel program has been broadcasting in South Africa for a year and a half.  One of our faithful viewers responded to our biblical mandate illustrating that although we may come from different cultures and geographical locations, one thing is constant – The Bible!  It has the power to impact an individual… or a whole nation.

Back in the 1980s, there was a well-known Christian leader by the name of Henry Blackaby whose leadership inspired me to launch this ambitious global initiative.  He wrote in his book, Experiencing God, “Will God ever ask you to do something you are not able to do? The reality is that the Lord never calls the qualified; He qualifies the called.”  Additionally, Blackaby said, “We don't choose what we will do for God; He invites us to join Him where He wants to involve us.”

As I think about the vision God imparted in me for PJTN, and within the context of my own leadership, it is my mission to lead by example in order to inspire Christians, Jews and all people of conscience to seek G-d about how He can use them to inspire others to lead in their families, communities, states and nations to combat this growing threat.

Following 9/11, God turned my focus onto Israel. Today our Focus On Israel program has a global viewing audience of over 2 billion viewers in 200 nations.  Our biblical message about God’s eternal Covenant to Abraham, Isaac, Jacob and their descendants, is inspiring others to step into their leadership role to confront the growing threat of anti-Semitism in our generation through Bible study and through prayer.

As the President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations, it is my responsibility as a global leader to humbly inspire our PJTN chapter directors and watchmen to receive the mantle of leadership God has given each of you so that you will seize the destiny to which He has uniquely qualified you for such a time as this.  May you be inspired to answer His call.

I am daily humbled and reminded of my limitations as “an army one.” Your support in this mission is crucial and makes all accomplished at PJTN possible.  Together we are fulfilling God’s mandate and our destinies in the moment of time to which He has called us.




Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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