What Is PJTN's Global Audience Saying About Focus On Israel?

In this week of Thanksgiving, I am very grateful for the support of YOU—our PJTN Watchmen and viewers—as you continue to show an outpouring of response to the mission and programming of PJTN.

Here’s some recent comments on our weekly Focus On Israel broadcastings:

Leon, CA. "My wife and I both especially enjoyed the Focus On Israel interview with Jack Hayford.  At the end of the program, she turned to me and said,  "I think we should start supporting that ministry." 

I agreed and we are glad to be able to do so now with our monthly gift.”

Shella, Atlanta GA

"Laurie, I thank God for your voice.  It’s an answer to my prayers. I’ve awaited some action to be taken by Jewish organizations to answer back or do PSAs in answer to the issue of the terrible anti-Semitic rhetoric coming out of our colleges and from the mainstream media but never see any results for my donation dollars. Your Focus on Israel show, has brought hope to my heart that someone is responding and trying to highlight the propaganda and fight against it.  I’m so grateful to you for your tireless efforts in this regard and for educating your Christian brethren and supporting Israel. Even before hearing Ambassador Bolton say it, I’ve said for the past forty years that Israel is the “canary in the mine” as far as how democracy will fare in the world.  Bless you and yours and your supporters many times over.”

Angie, South Africa 

“Thank you for your wonderful Focus On Israel program which we, like many Christians, watch here in South Africa.

Please know that there are millions of Christians here who stand by Israel. We are against the protests coming from our country, are sorry that this has happened, and many of us pray for Israel.”


As we approach the holidays, please know how vital your support is in reaching more people!


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Hoping you have a blessed holiday!



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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