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You Cannot Firebomb Biblical Truth About Israel Into Silence

Once again this week, I find I am focused on the attempts to silence the voices that arise in support of Israel!

Most of you have by now heard the devastating news that the Jerusalem television studio of the Daystar network was destroyed this week by an arsonist.  Daystar is, of course, a broadcast partner with PJTN in bringing our award-winning Focus On Israel programs and our documentary films around the globe.  The Daystar Network has been a tireless champion for Israel in bringing an array of programming, like Focus On Israel to foster Christian support, education and biblical truth about Israel and the Jewish people consistently to viewers around the world.  The studio now in ashes overlooked the Mount of Olives and Mount Zion and was established over a decade ago as the base of the first Christian television network in Israel.

Millions of dollars of production equipment, cameras and sets—gone in flames—and with it, no doubt the perpetrator’s hope, the network’s messaging and on-the-ground presence in Israel— would also be gone.

Today, I echo the proclamation of Daystar founder Marcus Lamb in declaring.

“Our voice will not be silenced!” 

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