We Are Facing A Pivotal Point In History...

In the midst of the flurry of my activities at the National Religious Broadcasters (NRB) convention in Anaheim, I had the opportunity to share the PJTN mission with listeners of Todd Starnes' mid-day program on Fox News Radio (click here to listen).  It was a tremendously powerful interview covering the challenges America faces—from our K-12 classrooms to the halls of Congress.  From infiltration of dis-information in our children’s textbooks, to the pressing need to remove Ilhan Omar from Congress in the face of her ever-growing link to anti-Semitism and terror groups beset with plans for our destruction.  

America, we face major challenges!

Omar remains a major focus of my conversations with major media influencers and broadcasters here at NRB.  If you haven’t already, please go online and sign the PJTN petition—as more than 26,000 Americans have already!  

Here are my opening comments from today’s PJTN media press conference in Anaheim:  

“Today, I stand here among thousands of media professionals attending the convention of National Religious Broadcasters. They dedicate themselves tirelessly and selflessly to make known the truth of the Gospel.  To each of you, I give this challenge: Join PJTN on the frontlines of the war against anti-Semitic, anti-Judeo/Christian, anti-American and anti-Israel media arrayed against us! This conflict is more real than the battles of human history.  It is a call to a battle in which infinitely more is at stake than land or wealth.

We have as believers and Americans reached a pivotal point—a kairos moment—in our spiritual lives and in the life of our country.  This is a season marked by the convergence of ancient forces that have manifested themselves for more than 3,000 years in the history of one nation and one people.  That nation is Israel and her people, the Jews.  That only enemy, the spirit of Amalek, again seeks to destroy—once and for all—God’s land and His people.  Not only is that spirit again marshalling hatreds used by empires of the past—such as Persia, Greece and Rome—adding the genocidal rage of Nazis and present day terrorists, but also is infiltrating churches with the heresy of “replacement theology,” which is sowing tares of anti-Zionism among younger Christians.  The outcome of this conflict will determine the destiny of untold numbers of souls and the direction of many nations.”

These words were just the beginning of an all-out call for Christian media to come to the fore in support of Israel, the Jews and the future of our two nations.  

Please know that through your ongoing support, PJTN continues to get your voice before millions of listeners and viewers!

Please consider your best donation today!  I feel your support and it energizes all PJTN accomplishes!

Major media is hearing you here in Anaheim—and I will not be silenced in carrying your message forward…

Blessings from NRB,



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