War on Antisemitism

Anti-Semitism is….

Beliefs or behaviors of hostility toward Jews just because they are Jewish. It comes from many sources and takes many different forms from religious teachings that proclaim the inferiority of Jews, or political agendas to ostracize and isolate, oppress, or otherwise injure them. Anti-Semitic attitudes and prejudices are often present in cultures where ignorance prevails.  These attitudes and prejudices can appear mild and void of harm but often serve as the unwitting breeding ground for more serious forms of Anti-Semitism.  

Ignorance, by default, has the potential to be just as dangerous as purposeful and deliberate Anti-Semitism.  Societies, where historically, ignorance and being uninformed have been prevalent have fallen easy prey to more militant and deliberate actions of forces of government and dark societal influence.

Anti-Islam is...

Every spring, all of Israel celebrates the Festival of Passover and recounts the story of The Exodus.  They teach their children  - “in every generation they come to kill us”.  Every year, for thousands of years, they retell this story that they are here, having survived and thrived, despite the oppressive acts of so many who tried to push them into the sea.

In the last century, the church failed the Jews, as did democracies, media and all the best institutions.

Today, in our generation, we live in a miraculous time with a restored nation of Israel.  We understand the sacred importance God places on his Chosen people and their land of Israel.  No replacement theology, no revisionist donors, no amount of lies can change that fact.  

The people building the PJTN movement have been criticized and demonized because of our Biblically-mandated decision to follow the Bible and to dedicate ourselves to the protection of our Jewish neighbors, friends, and the nation of Israel.  Many who are uninformed, filled with hate, or militantly perverting truth in order to deceive the masses, would automatically equate PJTN’s ‘pro-Israel” position or advocacy for Jews oppressed by Anti-Semitism with that of being ‘anti-Islam’ or ‘anti-Muslim.’

Nothing is farther from the truth.  

Anti-Semitism and acts of violence and hate towards the Jews and Israel is not new.  These attitudes and their corresponding behaviors do not originate with one religion or people group.  Anti-Semitism comes from many sources and manifests in many forms.  It so happens that, as we have witnessed in the Middle East, in the US, and around the world - in this current time, much of the ideological and physical war calling for extermination of the Jewish people and Israel is coming from a faction within Islam.  That is NOT to say all Muslims, nor EXCLUSIVELY Muslims.  But there is no denying there are many who think they can use fear, violence, and brutal intimidation to force those of us who are advocates into silence and thus cause Israel to feel alone and Jews to feel marginalized and abandoned.

And so, all of us at PJTN make a bold choice in today’s world.  We choose to stand by the words of our God who loves the Jews and his land of Israel.  We come to their side (or out in front!) to help them carry burdens that may overwhelm such a small people (there are 15 million Jewish people on Earth). We stand against oppressive Anti-Semitism and all of its many forms, whatever the source.

Christians, Jews and all people of conscience who share our love of humanity and are committed to the fight against Anti-Semitism are warmly welcome at PJTN.  You are all in our prayers.  We carry you all in our hearts.

Our Solution is….

At PJTN, we embrace the Biblical truth that ONE can chase a thousand and TWO can chase ten thousand.  Together, with our members, we raise a standard against the tide of Anti-Semitism in all forms and from all sources.  We do this by raising awareness and educating the masses through media, events, impactful community-oriented grassroots programs, rallies, keeping watch on the cultural landscape to guard against apathy and complacency, as well as working alongside civic, church, synagogue, school, and government leaders who want to join in the fight but need resources and know-how.



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