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A question from a Daystar Focus On Israel viewer crossed my desk this week, asking my opinion of the “Christ At The Checkpoint” conference.  Her friend had read an article on their most recent ‘conference of love’ last month and was influenced to discontinue their support of Israel.

Our mandate to educate Christians, Jews and people of conscience about our biblical responsibility to support Israel and our Jewish brethren against the global rise of anti-Semitism is more crucial than ever.  It is critical that we are fully aware of the disinformation campaign being executed by the “Checkpoint” propagandists. The conference organizers state that the conference is “theology based in the service of peace and justice,” and therein lies the truth.  The conference is not "biblically" based, it is theologically based.  The organizers of the conference are basing their "truth" on the doctrines and traditions of men who historically have been anti-Semitic, suggesting that God has "excommunicated" the Jews, replacing them with the Christian church.

There is no verse in the Bible, read in proper Hebraic context, to which these false prophets can legitimize their claim.  They are deceiving hundreds of thousands of Christians with their rhetoric.

But in truth, the organizers' thinly veiled purpose is to erode Christians who support Israel biblically.  It seeks to change the way Christians interpret the Bible and encourage them to question the authenticity of God’s eternal covenant with Israel and Israel’s right to their ancient homeland.

God’s covenant with Israel is eternal.  The Apostle Paul further substantiated that biblical Covenant when he stated in Romans 11:29, "...God's gift and calling to Israel is irrevocable!"

These messages are dangerous and deceiving. I am devoting this week’s “PJTN Online” program to exposing this pernicious group.  Please tune-in at 6:00 PM CT today on Facebook at http://facebook.com/pjtnfans.

In closing, your financial support is critical to effectively combating this unbiblical disinformation campaign.  

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Thank you and blessings of Shalom,

Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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