Urgent Request From Laurie

I'm contacting you today with an urgent request to join our PJTN family in prayer for Israel!

As you may be aware— RIGHT NOW, the terrorists in Gaza have staged a major offensive—raining hundreds of rockets, mortars and missiles into Israel with no condemnation from the UN or world leaders for this blatant attack against our Jewish brethren in their biblical homeland.  The simple fact is that the enemies of Israel want one thing—for God’s nation and people to be wiped off the map!

That's why your financial support of PJTN's worldwide outreach through the broadcasts of our award-winning programs is crucial to our global war on anti-Semitism!   

We cannot stand idly by as Israel faces her enemies alone.  

We are reminded in Lev. 19:16: "Do not stand by while your brother's blood is shed."

Since launching our campaign to reach 2.6 billion potential viewers through the broadcast of PJTN's award-winning program, Focus On Israel, we have raised $5,000 toward our year-end goal of $100,000.

As you are prayerfully considering your year-end giving, please consider the global impact your gift can have at this crucial hour by making a monthly, or one-time donation to help us reach our goal and keep our programs on the air.   

Together, we will push back the tides of hatred.


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Shalom and blessings,



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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