Urgent Plea From Laurie

I would greatly appreciate the prayers of our PJTN family of “Watchmen” over the next few days as I embark on an important series of meetings in Ohio.

Ohio has been a tremendous base of support for PJTN’s dedicated work on the battles against BDS, anti-Semitism in all its virulent forms, and the “Igniting The Torch” campaign dedicated to protecting our children and grandchildren from the social, spiritual, political and moral evils of the textbook indoctrination that’s running rampant in America’s K-12 classrooms.

We had, as you may recall, a recent tremendous victory in Texas with the decision of the State Board of Education to amend the state’s textbook content to reinsert the teachings of Judeo-Christian values as fundamental to the foundation of America.  As in Texas, PJTN has “boots on the ground” in Ohio with the ultimate plan for a similar victory!  Winning back America for our next generation of leaders is literally all about “block by block” efforts in each school district, in every state, so the battle is far from over!


We must sign up 7,000 PJTN Watchmen at just $20/month by the end of the year to effectively launch this nationwide campaign in Florida, Ohio, Texas, Colorado and Tennessee. 


We are confronting groups heavily funded by George Soros across the U.S.  Soros has billions to invest to further his agenda.  All we need is 7,000 Watchmen at $20/month to effectively use PJTN media to further ours.  Without your support, we will not have the resources to compete, so please prayerfully consider your support to stand with PJTN on the frontlines today!  For those of you who have already accepted this challenge, thank you for standing with me! 


Also, please know that I always welcome your notes and emails on challenges you are facing in your local school district, or in your child’s classroom or campus.  This information is invaluable in shining the light on the change that must come.  Our office is in touch with the office of the Secretary of Education in Washington and your concerns will find a voice through PJTN.


Thank you again for your prayers as we embark on yet another mission.




Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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