Urgent Plea From Laurie

I would greatly appreciate the prayers of our PJTN family of “Watchmen” over the next few days as I embark on an important series of meetings in Ohio.

Ohio has been a tremendous base of support for PJTN’s dedicated work on the battles against BDS, anti-Semitism in all its virulent forms, and the “Igniting The Torch” campaign dedicated to protecting our children and grandchildren from the social, spiritual, political and moral evils of the textbook indoctrination that’s running rampant in America’s K-12 classrooms.

PJTN Is Again Recognized For Award-Winning "Media With A Message"

Through the ongoing support of our donors, PJTN remains dedicated to our continual production of award-winning original content “media with a message” that provides relevant, informative and invaluable information that can positively change minds, hearts and outcomes in the world around us.  Our productions have won numerous Emmy Awards for film making excellence.

We had the wonderful privilege of winning yet another award just last week with the announcement that Boycott This! was named  “2018 Best Documentary Feature Film” at the recently held Content 18 Film Festival and Summit. This is yet another example of the tremendous impact PJTN media is having and of the quality of what we are producing.

PJTN Expands Its Education Revolution In NY!

I had the wonderful privilege last night of getting to present PJTN’s updated report on our nationwide textbook campaign to “Ignite The Torch” for a new generation of young leadership.  My audience in New York City was composed of honored and valued PJTN supporters and key influencers who believe in our mission and our message.

On the heels of our recent victory last week in getting Judeo/Christian values upheld on behalf of the 5.3 million K-12 school children in Texas, I feel God’s strong urging that PJTN is at a major strategic point in turning the tide in American education. It’s a mission of which we must not grow weary as we move forward to major media/awareness campaigns in Ohio and Florida.

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: PJTN Watchmen Mobilize Another Textbook Victory in Texas!






(NASHVILLE, TENNESSEE) –September 25, 2018 – Launched into prominence by a successfully waged and won statewide media campaign in Tennessee that captured major national and global attention in 2013, Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore continues exposing the revisionist history in textbooks throughout  American classrooms with  a blatant “disinformation” agenda.

She is this week celebrating another tremendous victory in the textbook battle in Texas as she prepares to be honored for her work with PJTN at a reception this Wednesday (26) at the Friars Club in New York City.

The decision last week by the Texas State Board of Education to amend their state history, geography and social studies standards to reinsert the teaching of “Judeo-Christian values as fundamental to America’s founding” is yet another ‘win’ for PJTN’s ongoing national campaign.

PJTN Saw A Stunning Victory In Texas Last Week

PJTN saw a stunning victory last week with the decision by the Texas State Board of Education relating to our core mission on textbooks!

The Board made a decision to amend the state’s history, geography and social studies standards to reinsert the teaching of “Judeo-Christian values as fundamental to America’s founding.”

It was an added affirmation to PJTN as a Pro-Israel advocacy organization that the Texas Board voted to put the defense of Israel back in perspective for their students by voting for the inclusion of social studies requirements that correctly define that “Arab rejection of the State of Israel has been at the root of the ongoing conflict in the Middle East."

Urgent Message from Laurie

The time is short and the need for action is right now!   As most Americans “sleep” unaware of the dangers at hand, we are losing our next generation of this country’s leadership on the battleground of our local classrooms.  The enemies of revisionist history, anti-American, anti-Christian, anti-Semitic and openly Islamic propaganda and “globalist” disinformation in our children’s textbooks have distorted and disparaged the values long held as pillars to America’s exceptionalism as a world leader and shining guardian of democracy’s beacon of hope.

At PJTN, we are committed as “watchmen on the wall” to sound the alarm—both through our national K-12 media textbook campaign entitled "Ignite the Torch to the Next Generation" in Florida—and beyond to immediate campaigns in Texas and Ohio.

We Can Assure Your Voice Will Be Heard By Millions

As you know, PJTN is poised to launch the next step in our national K-12 media textbook campaign entitled "Ignite the Torch to the Next Generation" in Florida.

Our immediate goal is to produce radio commercials to sound the alarm to parents and citizens in the 10 major Florida broadcast markets about the indoctrination of our children in schools throughout the state.  This is one of our most important initiatives to protect our children and the future of this Constitutional Republic. Truth and America history and exceptionalism must be returned to our children’s educational materials.  We must take a stand.

Gen Z Student Runs For School Board! Enough Is Enough!

One of the most gratifying aspects of our work here at PJTN is our “Igniting The Torch” campaign – our concentrated effort to reach the millennial generation with the truth of the need to support Israel and the ongoing message of keeping America great and America’s children protected by overturning the campaign of indoctrination and disinformation in their textbooks.  

The alarming rise of the BDS Movement, anti-Israel/anti-Zionist protests on campus and college based anti-Semitism that increasingly leads to violence is too often born in the small seeds of “disinformation” and bias planted in K-12 classrooms.

PJTN Mobilizes Granbury HS Senior To Testify Before The Texas State Board Of Education On Revisionist History In Textbooks





(NASHVILLE, TN) –September 11, 2018 – On this the anniversary of 9/11, an 18 year old high school senior and school board candidate in Granbury, Texas is appearing before the Texas State Board of Education, choosing the message of “American exceptionalism” as he petitions the members of the committee as they consider the adoption of new K-12 standards for history, geography and social studies in Texas.

It’s a move Proclaiming Justice to The Nations Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore today from Nashville called a “shining beacon of hope in the midst of our concern in raising up the next generation of America’s leadership” to combat the anti-American, anti-Judeo/Christian, anti-Semitic content in U.S. textbooks.  Her organization is mounting the launch in Texas of a statewide grassroots campaign against the “disinformation” contained in the state's K-12 textbooks.

Chris Willis, a student at Granbury High School became aware of the nationwide crisis in American education through the advance of the PJTN campaign in his community. He chose to take action in his run as the youngest candidate to seek a seat on the Granbury Independent School Board.   He will address the State Board of Education in Austin this morning in his bid to represent the voice of a new generation of leadership.

He noted: “I want to thank the Chairman of the State Board of Education for allowing me the opportunity to address the Board regarding the important issues of education that faces the future of our great state and of our constitutional republic."

Are We Revising The History Of 9/11?

We are living in a time when America’s “history” is being re-written for our children.

In the era of ‘fake news’ that surrounds us, before our very eyes not only is our history being erased at the hands of revisionists, but our Judeo-Christian beliefs and values are being demeaned or threatened with banishment, and most tragically, the minds of our children and grandchildren are literally being taken hostage through the maze of “disinformation” contained in the very K-12 textbooks we have trusted to educate them.  We are losing our next generation of leaders.

“Disinformation” is a DVD I feel an urgent need to place in the hands of every American and have it viewed in every American home. It rips the veil from the “behind the curtain” infiltration of our country’s education, business, politics, entertainment, religion and virtually every agenda that surrounds us with a plan to usurp the truth with an ideology based on lies and deception.

Here’s what viewers are saying:

“I highly recommend this DVD to everyone interested in learning the truth before it becomes too late to preserve the greatest nation that every existed…”

“An absolute ‘must watch’ if you want to understand what has happened in America.  One key take-away: The only bulwark against disinformation is knowledge.  The current American crisis is a result of the failure of the American educational system.

After viewing this film, Common Core will be even more easily recognized as a taxpayer funded disinformation campaign.”