Jewish students slam UC Berkeley lecturer's anti-Semitic tweets. Jewish groups call on university to take action against lecturer who accused Jews of rape, murder, and organ theft.

UC_Berkley.jpgJTA - In a letter to the university administration, the groups said Berkeley had not gone far enough in addressing the tweets by Hatem Bazian, a lecturer in the Department of Asian American and Asian Diaspora studies.

“While we fully support academic freedom and free speech, we believe Bazian’s record is severe enough to warrant more than just condemnation,” said the letter. “We also know that there is a precedent for the removal of non-tenured faculty who promote hate on social media and elsewhere.”

Democratic nay-sayers on Trump’s Jerusalem move are outright hypocrites.

Democatic_naysayers.jpgMost of the reaction to President Trump’s historic recognition of Jerusalem as Israel’s capital was predictable. But criticism from some Democrats was flat-out hypocritical.

That’s because many of those now bashing the move, which includes relocating the US Embassy from Tel Aviv, enthusiastically supported it when they felt sure it wouldn’t actually happen.

Anti-Israel Activists Subvert a Scholarly Group. The American Studies Association boycotted the Jewish state. It wasn’t by popular demand

Anti_Israel_events.jpgEmails unearthed in a federal lawsuit appear to show that the American Studies Association’s decision to boycott Israel was orchestrated by a small cadre of academics who infiltrated the ASA’s leadership to demonize the Jewish state.

We American Christians Welcome Trump's Obedience to God's Word on Jerusalem

Trump_move_back_to_Jerusalem.jpgDonald Trump is advancing the most biblically historic initiative of his presidency. It means Judeo-Christian America can say again: 'Israel – We’ve got your back'.

In 1995, the 104th U.S. Congress overwhelmingly passed the Jerusalem Embassy Act, in recognition of the three thousandth anniversary of the spiritual and eternal Capitol of the State of Israel.

Now, we may finally witness one of the most spiritually and politically significant events in modern history. President Donald Trump may implement one of the most biblically historic initiatives of his presidency by allowing the first step of the Jerusalem Embassy Act to go into effect this week.


jpost.jpgThe German public television outlet WDR canceled its slated cooperation concert with the former Pink Floyd band member Roger Waters on Saturday because of a wave of protest against the singer’s anti-Jewish views.

Malca Goldstein-Wolf launched a petition campaign to prevent WDR from using taxpayer money to fund a “Jew-hater.”

She said the chairman of the Cologne-based TV outlet Tom Buhrow is allowing the spread of antisemitism by televising Waters, who is an energetic supporter of the BDS campaign, which targets Israel and has used antisemitic imagery at his concerts.


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Top Polish Government Minister Hits Back at ‘Offensive’ BBC ‘Illiberal Democracy’ Smears

Polish_senator.pngA senior Polish politician has hit back as Britain’s state broadcaster the BBC prepares to air a new documentary on the politics of Central European Visegrád nations Poland and Hungary in which it will accuse the anti-mass migration governments of being anti-democratic, anti-Semitic, and corrupt.

A preview of the forthcoming programme, due to be broadcast on the BBC World Service three times on Tuesday, November 14th, reveals Europe’s Illiberal Democrats will take aim at Hungary and Poland for resisting the EU’s attempts to impose compulsory migrant quotas and “dismantling democracy”, while claiming Hungary’s Viktor Orbán is “anti-Semitic” and “corrupt”.

Anti-Semitism talk reveals the nasty side of politics

Nasty_Side_of_Politics.jpgExactly one year ago last night, on November 8, Erin Schrode, the youngest woman to run for Congress, lost the election to incumbent Jared Huffman.  Earlier in the year, four days before the primary election, she became the victim of a storm of online anti-Semitic hate perpetrated by Andrew Anglin, creator of the alt-right newspaper The Daily Stormer, and his followers.

Schrode woke up that day to explicit, sexist and anti-Semitic comments that promoted violence and sexual assault against her.

Last night in the Commonwealth Honors College Events Hall, Erin Schrode gave a lecture titled “Antisemitism in the New Political Climate” sponsored by the University of Massachusetts Hillel House. In the lecture, she talked about her background as an activist, a social entrepreneur and an environmentalist and her experience running for Congress.

House Judiciary Committee Hearing On Campus Anti-Semitism Includes Fireworks And Possible Deception

House_judiciary_committee.jpgA panel of Jewish community leaders, academics and activists testified Tuesday before the House Judiciary Committee on rising anti-Semitism on college campuses. Lawmakers also heard varying perspectives on the “Anti-Semitism Awareness Act” currently under consideration by the committee.

Anti-Semitism on college campuses has drastically increased in recent years. A study conducted by the anti-Semitism watchdog group AMCHA Initiative showed a 40% increase in campus incidents and a doubling of genocidal expression against Jews last year.

Congress Is Trying To Decide Who’s An Anti-Semite

Congress_and_Anti-Semite.pngBarry Trachtenberg, director of Wake Forest College’s Jewish studies program, wanted members of Congress to know that statements equating Israel’s actions to Nazi Germany’s are not necessarily anti-Semitic.

“In fact,” he told House Judiciary Committee members, “comparisons of foreign leaders and countries to Nazism are made regularly.”

The topic at hand during a Tuesday meeting of the congressional committee was legislation that would formally identify such speech as a factor in defining anti-Semitism. And the definition could be used for, among other things, investigating alleged civil rights violations on college campuses.