THREE Opportunities to hear Laurie Cardoza-Moore in Florida during March

Three Opportunities to Hear Laurie Cardoza-Moore speak in person in Florida during March

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THE POWER OF ONE!” (Hear Laurie’s message)…


Vote No on California's Ethnic Studies Model!

Proclaiming Justice to the Nations is calling for California to vote down the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum being considered for adoption in March for the state’s school system of more than 6 million students.

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We Need To Be Aware of the Educational Firestorm Brewing In California!

Ladies and Gentlemen, as I outlined in today’s video message, we as concerned parents, patriotic Americans, and supporters of Israel, must be doubly concerned about what is happening in California’s educational system. If the California Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum is approved next month, it will trickle down K-12 to influence the education of more than 6 million students in the state—and doubtlessly leave California to reach into classrooms across America. The ESMC content presented offers a shocking omission of the valued contributions of the Jews, the reality of anti-Semitism, the vile bias of BDS—and instead offers students anti-Semitic stereotypes and blatant anti-Israel bias. It is a curriculum hijacked in its’ creation by biased political views and hateful agenda.


Laurie Cardoza Moore, a recognized national voice in the fight against antisemitism through her organization, Proclaiming Justice to the Nations (PJTN), is calling for California to vote down the Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum being considered for adoption in March for the state’s school system of more than 6 million students.

An urgent call for PJTN Watchmen to mobilize


As you’ll hear in my message today, PJTN is issuing an urgent call across our nation for PJTN Watchmen to mobilize.

Are you aware of the danger brewing in California Education?

PJTN has an urgent California mandate over the next two months in our ongoing national campaign, “Taking Back America’s Children.”

California, as many of you are aware, has long been the petri dish for liberal, biased curriculum that systematically is adopted nationwide. Like the state itself, California study courses are becoming increasingly more radically left to the detriment of our traditional Judeo-Christian values.

On March 17 the State Board of Education in California will vote on adopting a model curriculum in Critical Ethnic Studies that virtually erases the positive contributions of the Jews from history. The thirteen founding members of the Critical Ethnic Studies Association which forms the think base for the materials being presented, are all avowed antisemitic BDS activists. Anti-Zionism is built into these studies that, if approved, would present students with a picture that demonizes Israel as an apartheid settler-colonialist Nazi-state. 

The Ethnics Study Model Curriculum (ESMC) being presented in March bears little resemblance to the initial proposal for its development as a “course to build bridges of understanding between people groups.”  Originally projected to be  an opportunity to teach students K-12 about the accomplishments of people groups and ethnic minorities, as well as address the issues of inequality and bigotry, something went terribly wrong. In one sample lesson students are presented a list of historic American social movements that include the antisemitic Black Lives Matter, #MeToo, Criminal Justice Reform, and the antisemitic BDS Movement for Palestine described as a “global social movement that aims to establish freedom for Palestinians living under apartheid conditions". The primary goal of the antisemitic BLM movement—to eliminate Israel—is never mentioned.

Of equal concern is the curriculum’s direct singling out of Jews for enjoying “racial privilege.” Sitting in their classroom, Jewish students are potentially a double target. First because they are Jewish and considered part of  white privilege, and secondly as the Jews are presented as purported villains through their association with Israel.

We must halt the approval in California of this Ethnic Studies curriculum!  With antisemitism on the rise dramatically in America, in the current climate of unrest, we must consider what’s at stake should this material reach our children’s study courses!   We will be launching a national media campaign as well as an online petition to sound an alarm across the country.

I am calling upon our PJTN California Watchmen to:

  • Educate yourself on the Ethnics Study Model Curriculum
  • Become involved in your local school district to call out this material.  You are demanding a vote of NO!
  • Share this email with family and friends.
  • Contact PJTN by email at [email protected] to let us know if you can volunteer as a ground leader, or would like to head a PJTN Chapter in California.

Thank you for standing with PJTN on the frontlines! Together we are taking back America’s children…

Thank you, too, for your ongoing support of PJTN in 2021.  We are facing challenges we could never have imagined one short year ago. Your financial support is crucial to keep messaging of YOUR values heard at the national level.  We continue to educate, motivate and activate for issues that matter to our future and that of our children and grandchildren. 


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We Must Never Forget!


Video: Holocaust Remembrance Day 2021…What did Scripture Warn About the Holocaust?


"'Thus said the LORD; come from the four directions, O spirit, and blow into these slain people, that they may come to life!'" Ezekiel 37:9

Eight decades have passed, and too many people have forgotten the world’s pledge to “never forget.”

Tragically, stop any millennial on any street in America and you will find a maze of misinformation on their knowledge of the Holocaust and the six million Jews who died under Hilter’s cruel regime.