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Press Release: PJTN Founder and President Laurie Cardoza Moore named among 50 top Christian Allies of Israel in first annual recognition by the Israel Allies Foundation

Do your elected leaders agree with 100% transparency in education?

Let each citizen remember at the moment he is offering his vote that he is not making a present or a compliment to please an individualor at least that he ought not so to do; 

but that he is executing one of the most solemn trusts in human society for which he is accountable to God and his country. 

Samuel Adams, The Father of the American Revolution and signer of the Declaration of Independence, 1781

PJTN is this week taking major “next steps” on the heels of the success of our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign

We are launching Phase 1 of a national drive asking those seeking our votes to sign a pledge that they will stand with us as concerned parents to demand transparency in our American educational system.

The “PJTN Transparency In Education" Pledge will initially be distributed to more than 500 recipients who are running at state and local levels for school board and Education Committee positions in the state legislature.

PJTN has been calling for transparency in education for more than a decade. The campaign is targeted to raise awareness of the content of curriculum/textbooks used in our children’s K-12 education, as well

as demand public access to review teaching materials being taught in classrooms, a process not now allowed. Whether virtual or traditional classrooms, we as patriots and parents must be informed on what our kids are being taught as it will have a dramatic impact on the future of both the children and the future of our next generation of leadership.

We will make public the names of those candidates signing the pledge to demand transparency in education to inform America on who our allies are in the support of educational reform. We must turn the tide! The upcoming elections hold the key to our children’s future and to America remaining a nation with Judeo-Christian values. We must not fail!

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It's time to demand 100% transparency in our children's education!

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The virtual classroom battles of the COVID era continue to be waged by parents!

Following my recent national appearance on Fox & Friends Weekend, PJTN had the opportunity to take our message local to the Nashville area where parents in nearby Rutherford County, TN were being asked to sign a pledge not to “eavesdrop” on their children’s online teaching sessions. Thanks to “woke” parents, there was a pushbackThe Nashville Fox-TV affiliate called me for an interview. What could they possibly be teaching our children that would require such concern for a veil of secrecy? My one-word answer: Plenty!

I am now almost daily hearing horror stories from parents whose children are coming to them shaken by school content material coming at them from every direction—from the Black Lives Matter (BLM) curriculum to the 1619 Project and from instructions on how to “repent” for white privilege to radical far-left gender indoctrination. Most recently I heard from a distraught mother in Florida whose son had to read an Islamic fictional novella asking students to make a judgment call on the wicked intent of Israeli IDF soldiers shooting innocent Arab teens and piling their bodies in ditches at a border crossing. The not so veiled lesson message here is the vile attempt to indoctrinate yet another generation of potential young anti-Semites who can carry the hatred of Israel and the Jews throughout their lifetime.

Parents beware! Talk to your children about their learning experience and what they are being taught. Encourage open dialogue. And as much as possible, review course materials—whether online or in print. If you are unable to access your children's instructional materials, or textbooks, we want to hear from you.  PJTN is here to equip you so that you can take back local control of your children's education and your local community.

As part of our 2020 campaign “Taking Back America’s Children,” PJTN is calling for “transparency” in educational materials K-12We, as parents, must demand it school district by school district at the grassroots level.

PJTN’s national mandate is in total agreement with what Gov. Ron DeSantis is championing in Floridato help establish an ideal system of civic education that is designed to equip a well-informed citizen, productively engaged in working for the common good and hopeful about democracy. We must reimagine the way we prepare young people to be full-fledged citizensWe must look beyond the classroom and imagine a full life of civic learning and practice.

“Taking Back America’s Children" is rooted in the call for a complete reform of America’s educational system. We have for decades allowed the elements of disinformation, biased propaganda, removal of American exceptionalism through the instructional absence of history and civics and the sheer forces of infiltration of our children’s textbooks by foreign forces wishing to destroy America to bring us to this point of a generation of young people who actually hate this nation. Entities such as Pearson Publishers have been among the top enemies of American education as is Common Core. The division and the violence we are seeing in America’s streets today all began with what our children were or were not being taught while we were not watching. We must revise the course in our educational system and create new generations of American leadership before it’s too late.

Vote your values in November! This is the most important election of our lifetime—the American educational system and national values will be impacted by the values in power in Washington. We need to reinforce the good, the great, and the God of our nation—not disgrace it, discard it, burn it down and start over. 

As we enter into fall, a tremendous time of challenge and opportunity is ahead. PJTN must reach even wider with our national campaign and our messaging. 

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Thank you for standing with me, with your children and with America!