PM May calls out UK Labour Party anti-Semites

It took a bold and courageous woman to condemn her male colleague in the UK Labour Party for their unwillingness to confront the growing threat of anti-Semitism in the UK.  It seems the TN House Ed Sub-Committee has something in common with the UK Labour Party.  They killed a similar bill the last two years in TN.  It's time to remove all of them from office!

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Media Alert: Watch Laurie Cardoza-Moore on Herman & Sharron -- Weds July 18



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Our Jewish Students Are Under Attack

I was so incredibly encouraged by the overwhelmingly supportive response to the Tuesday message with the article link to Rabbi Spiro’s commentary on America’s Judeo-Christian roots.

Rabbi’s message underscores PJTN’s mandate to reach campuses with new initiatives that promote support of Israel and the Jews.

American and Jewish Values Are Intertwined

I was inspired and encouraged in reading Rabbi Ken Spiro’s recent article on the correlation of American and Jewish values.  Encouraging to me—and I hope to you—at a time when textbooks in classrooms all over America are excluding so much of the richness of history that should serve as an inspiration to our next generation of leaders.
Rabbi Spiro notes that America was the first country to be created from its inception as a democracy.  And further he notes: the Bible played a major role in that process.

The God That Saw The Widow’s Mite—Will See Your Gift To PJTN

I am so grateful to each of you who have responded to our urgent need for financial support to keep Focus On Israel on DAYSTAR TV.  All it takes is $20 per month to become a PJTN Watchman.

This is but one example of a recent message on how PJTN programming is touching lives. These words, coming from a new 80 year “young” viewer in England who just discovered Focus On Israel deeply touched my heart.

“I recently came across your program on the television. It’s wonderful, at last, someone is standing up for Israel!  At the church where I go, some people are against Israel, as the Bible says would happen. Plus the nations that surround Israel have one aim which is to destroy her.

I want more teaching, but am not getting any. They (churches) here are changing.  They have removed all crosses, and they don’t want anything Christian. They don’t want me playing Christian music on the organ softly as people are arriving.

I enclose this small gift. Sorry I cannot give more, but I pray it will help.”

I was brought to tears. 

Help PJTN Stay On Daystar!

DAYSTAR TV has graciously given us until July 31st to continue to hold our programming slot for Focus On Israel on their global airing schedule.

We urgently need an outpouring of support this month—in these remaining 22 days—to remain on the air.  We must catch-up with existing broadcast costs, and have financial support to continue on air.

I spoke with Daystar’s Programming Director last week. They have been so wonderfully supportive of our PJTN programming and we are joining with them in prayer that we can continue this relationship. Communications are pouring into both our office and to Daystar directly on how vital and appreciated Focus On Israel is to viewers worldwide.


It deeply grieves me that our Holocaust survivors have to witness the ignorance of people who have no clue what our Jewish survivors had to mentally and physically endure, and that's if they were one of the fortunate few to survive the hell hole of Nazi Germany.

Urgent Deadline Tomorrow

I'm glad to report that last-minute donations have been pouring in to help meet PJTN's challenge goal of $240,000. We are deeply grateful to the "informed PJTN Watchmen" who have answered the call and sent gifts.

But we are still short of our goal with just hours left until our Friday deadline. We must secure funding needed in order to expand our educational outreach on behalf of our Jewish brethren and Israel and against anti-Semitism.

If you have not already given your online gift to PJTN, could you make a tax-deductible gift right now?

Because of the generous challenge grant donated to PJTN by the Marcus Foundation in January, PJTN has produced almost 100 new programs for global distribution to combat anti-Semitism in this and the next generation.

Joel 1:3 "Tell your children about it, Let your children tell their children, And their children another generation."

PJTN is a unique organization that produces award-winning programs and documentaries to combat the global rise of anti-Semitism. Our programs broadcast in 200 nations, reaching 2.6 billion potential viewers globally, and with your help, we will expand our reach even more.

But we can't expand our reach without your partnership and financial commitment.

So please, take a moment right now and give your best gift before midnight Friday.

God bless you and thank you for all you do on behalf of our Jewish brethren and Israel. It is for such a time as this...




A Special Independence Day Message from PJTN

"And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land to all the inhabitants thereof..." Leviticus 25:10

The first design for the official seal of the United States recommended by Benjamin Franklin, John Adams and Thomas Jefferson in 1776 depicts the Jews crossing the Red Sea. The motto around the seal read: 'Resistance to Tyrants is Obedience to God.'  

On behalf of the PJTN Team, we want to wish you and your family a memorable and meaningful Independence Day!

We the people of the United States of America are facing some of the most difficult days in the history of this nation and quite possibly, the darkest since the Civil War.  As we unite to celebrate our independence, I am including an article about the Judeo-Christian heritage that influenced our Biblical legacy and our responsibility to uphold that birthright that you can share with family and friends as you gather to celebrate our independence.

Urgent! Help PJTN Before Friday

Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) is very fortunate to have supporters like you.

And your help is urgently needed in the next few days!

By taking action before Friday, you will allow PJTN to keep expanding its biblical message on behalf of our Jewish brethren and Israel and against the rise of global anti-Semitism.

Any gift you can give right now will help ensure PJTN maintains its global reach to Christians, Jews and all people of conscience.

Because PJTN refuses to allow the false doctrine of replacement theology to go unchallenged, we must step-up our efforts to expose this false teaching.

I believe we are witnessing the great falling away from the faith as the prophets foretold in the "last days."