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I need your help to ensure transparency in education!

As our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign has confirmed, educating the next generation of our children is of central importance to America’s future. In past generations, our educational system was a critical factor in America’s greatness as a world leader; however, for the past few decades, our educational system has been on freefall away from the core values that made America great. 

PJTN has been on the forefront for over a decade in the battle for the minds and hearts of our next generation—sounding the alarm with parents that our schools and curriculum are under assault from every direction—disinformation and propaganda from international forces, liberal-leaning teacher’s unions, new indoctrination such as BLM and the 1619 Project, and the steady drumbeat of Common Core. What is Common Core?  

Common Core is a national movement to standardize the core curriculum that gained support in the 90s and by 2010 became a set of educational standards adopted by 41 states. While that may not sound so threatening, Common Core took away local control over our education and handed that huge responsibility to Washington, D.C. bureaucrats. Did we really want to give up control over how we teach, American history? The Constitution? Are we surprised to see science and issues of race politicized to extremes? 

While the common core educational standards are made available to the public, did you know that the actual curriculum and textbooks that are used in schools are not? Let me repeat: The actual curriculum and textbooks that are used in taxpayer-funded public schools are kept secret from the same taxpayers who pay for them. 

Now, why would the educational establishment want to hide from the general public what is actually being taught in public schools? What have they been hiding?

As a part of our “Taking Back America’s Children” initiative, PJTN has launched a campaign to get our elected officials to make all K-12 textbooks and curricula readily available to the general public, by encouraging local and state school board members, and other elected officials to sign PJTN's "Transparency in Education" Pledge.

With aggressive efforts by many to pressure school districts into incorporating the misguided and propaganda laced "1619 Project" and "Black Lives Matter" curriculum, is there any wonder why the educational establishment wants to keep the actual curriculum being taught in schools secret from parents and taxpayers?

Are you concerned that textbooks and curriculum are not readily available to the general public? What can you do?

Sign our “Transparency in Education” petition to let your elected officials know you are aware and concerned that their representation is being overlooked by a growing number of concerned Americans. Your support matters to them and your voice must be heard! 


Thank you for your ongoing support that is needed now more than ever in these challenging times. Please consider becoming a new PJTN “Watchman” and remember that during November and December with your pledge of $20/mo., we will send you a gift copy of Josh Reinstein’s compelling new bestselling book, Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israelour way of thanking you for your support of PJTN. Please consider your best gift today as PJTN is on the frontlines with your voice and your values.





The FL Commissioner of Education must hear from you!

Our “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign continues to have an impact across the nation at the community level.

I have this week requested the office of the Attorney General in Florida to launch an investigation that will lead to the permanent revocation of the teaching credentials of former Spanish River High School principal William Latson. Despite a second hearing that resulted in his second dismissal from the Palm Beach School District, attempts at another overturn of that decision by Mr. Latson are rumored to be underway. We must protect the educational interests of the children of Florida and, additionally, the civil rights of Jewish students who have already suffered from the impact of Holocaust denial!

I am asking our PJTN Watchmen to go to our website and sign our petition for the permanent removal of this Holocaust denier’s potential future influence on Florida’s children. Signatures of concerned Americans from all over the country will benefit our effort.

Click here to sign the petition.

To learn more background, you can view my interview with Frank Barbieri of the Palm Beach School Board here.  FL Governor DeSantis declared November 9 -13 as “Holocaust Remembrance Week” in Florida. In his proclamation, he stated: “The people of the state of Florida should always remember the terrible events of the Holocaust and remain vigilant against hatred, persecution and tyranny, and actively rededicate ourselves to the principles of freedom in a just society.”  

Click here to read the entire proclamation.

Florida leads the nation in the protection of its students from the vile effects of antisemitism. Governor DeSantis prioritized the passage into law of strict guidelines that is a model for other states to replicate. It includes a defined perimeter of what antisemitism is and how it can be combatted within the educational system. Florida’s Holocaust standards and curriculum include teaching events of the Holocaust, an official definition of antisemitism, a mandate of compliance for Florida school districts and the November observance of “Holocaust Education Week.”

Thank you for helping PJTN in this effort! ALL antisemitism is evil, and it is in the interest of all Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience to eradicate it wherever it is foundPlease send concerns on how to battle incidents of antisemitism that may be happening in your community to [email protected].

Thank you, too, for your ongoing support of the PJTN mission. Our work has never been more vital in these uncertain times in America.  We must not lose our next generation of leadership and your support will make a difference. Please consider becoming a new PJTN “Watchman” and remember that during November and December with your pledge of $20/mo., we will send you a gift copy of Josh Reinstein’s compelling new bestselling book, Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israelour way of thanking you for your support of PJTN. Please consider your best gift today as PJTN is on the frontlines with your voice and your values.




PJTN executes another successful education campaign!

Our over-arching campaign for 2020“Taking Back America’s Children, continues on the successful track that only comes with tireless commitment, team effort and God’s answer to our prayers to make a difference in the lives of America’s next generation.

I am just back from West Palm Beach where I was present for the School Board meeting on Tuesday—a meeting where the vote was unanimous to fire Holocaust-denying principal William Latson—this vote was taken just over a year after their first termination vote. This week the Board rejected the judge recommending to reinstate him and decided on a permanent end of his influence on the Florida school system. It’s a victory for the community—particularly the large numbers of Jewish students and their parents who were impacted by his anti-Semitic views and their ability to affect his teaching. PJTN’s involvement in taking the story to national media through our interviews and social media was a 2-year commitment to see justice done. Thank you for your support in making all we do possible!

Ahead are challenges in Tennessee, Ohio and California where battles are still to be won...

PJTN's “Taking Back America’s Children” will march on—through the holidays, through the recount of presidential ballots, into the New Year of 2021. No matter the outcome of the Presidential race (and we must continue to pray), battling antisemitism, transparency in education and the continuance of Judeo-Christian values in America’s educational system, will all remain top priorities for PJTN in the new year to come.

As we’ve all noticed in the era of COVID and homeschooling—no “grey area” remains in the social and political attacks on America’s young! Attempts to remove our children from our values are no longer a secret—they are open and in broad daylight in American classrooms. PJTN will continue to identify and combat the enemies that are at war over the hearts and minds of America’s greatest resource—our next generation of leadership.

All battles are local—please let me know if you have concerns about what you see happening in your school district or within your child’s curriculum. Please email me at [email protected].

PJTN is continuing the call for prayer for America and the outcome God, in His divine wisdom, has destined should take us forward.

Thank you for your support of PJTN and know that your support makes all we do possible. Please consider becoming a new PJTN “Watchman” and remember that during November and December with your pledge of $20/mo., we will send you a gift copy of Josh Reinstein’s compelling new bestselling book, Titus, Trump and the Triumph of Israelour way of thanking you for your support of PJTN.




Veteran's Day Message from PJTN

In a week when America is in unrest and uncertainty, I’m reminded as we today observe Veteran’s Day what deep veins of connection we have to those brave Americans who sacrificed all to preserve our freedom.

I’m moved to share that if you are homeschooling, this is a good opportunity—with “race” so prominent in our daily discourseto share with your children the history of the too often overlooked African American connection with the Jewish community. In the final push of World War II, it was a large contingency of American soldiers—a number of them in segregated African American units—who rolled into Holland in 1945 to defeat the Nazis and free the Jews from the stranglehold of the German occupation. Thousands of Dutch Jews had been rounded up and sent to concentration camps in a country ravaged by the horrors of genocide, hunger and starvation.   

I’m wondering with the history of America now so abbreviated, how many of our children even know that thousands of our Allied troops landed in Normandy on June 6, 1944, and why?

When the fighting ended and Europe was liberated from the Nazi occupation, thousands of American soldiers had given their lives on foreign soil—more than 8,200 of them laid to rest on Dutch soil at Margraten. This cemetery is a true memorial considered “hallowed ground” in the same way we in America honor Arlington. Each grave has found an adoptive Dutch family—many of them Jewishthat makes sure the grave of their soldier is well cared for and fresh flowers are regularly placed. Many Dutch families have for decades communicated across the ocean with survivors of the loved one whose grave is in their care. Tragically the black units who served too often had no traceable families as segregated units routinely had poorly maintained or missing records on their soldiers. Still, they are honored by the living.

Black veterans who fought in the war too often came back home to America to realize the real battle had only just begun. They arrived in an environment where they themselves were not treated as free men. In 1946, President Truman was quoted as saying “My stomach turns to realize that African American soldiers just back from overseas are being dumped out of Army trucks in Mississippi and being beaten.” Truman appointed the President’s Council on Civil Rights which oversaw a revolutionary report in 1947, condemning segregation and demanding action to end discrimination based on race, color, creed or national origins in all branches of the U.S. military.

This year in 2020, the Embassy in the Netherlands marked the 75th Anniversary of the country’s liberation by a special commemoration of the black soldiers that risked their lives to end the German occupation. The oldest survivor honored is now 95.

How sad that the majority of young people filling America’s streets with “Black Lives Matter” posters have never been taught the rich history of America to know black lives have deeply mattered in the truest sense of the word and that they can take pride in their heritage. We are all threads in the fabric of a glorious nation. The footprints of courageous men are still found in our thriving economy, our liberty, and our hearts and minds. Freedom sways in the wind while our flag flutters in peace.

As we honor our Veterans, we must teach our childrenThey must never forget.