Anti-Semitism Will Be Coming This Fall to a Voting Booth Near You

As Americans, we must brace this fall for the kind of extreme “anti-Israel/anti-Semitic politics” that have until now stayed on campus, in the mosque, in Europe, and in the Third World.

Elections around the country are poised to offer candidates with strong anti-Semitic positions in hopes of bringing a new “anti-Israel” caucus to Congress.

See Breitbart feature from August 17th

We must be educated, motivated and vigilant in support of candidates who will uphold our American values in support of Israel!

In a recent Gallup poll, Americans remain staunchly in "Israel's corner" with 74% of American adults having a favorable view of Israel and younger adults favoring Israel less at 65%. 

We cannot take this support for granted.  

There is “strength in numbers” – and your decision NOW to become a PJTN “Watchman” for just $20/month will help strengthen and increase our unified voice and help us educate our fellow citizens to “read and research” the importance of the challenge we face this fall!

Will You Sing a Little Louder?

Will your voice be heard…or will you “sing a little louder?”

That’s the question I posed last night to our online “PJTN Facebook Live” viewers as I shared the video clip below. It recounts the true story -- re-told today by the old man who lived this atrocity as a child -- of what happened in Europe in the 1940s when the church remained silent in the face of anti-Semitism.  

Response to the video was immediate and stunning and I want to share the link here for those who missed it:  



Your Alternative to the Mainstream Media

As we have entered into the month of ELUL, I am mindful of those visionaries in Israel’s history who saw the potential fulfillment of God’s covenant to Israel. Today, the visionaries who see the same potential fulfillment of God’s promise in our generation are YOU! 

Christians are fleeing mainstream media for alternative outlets to obtain their information.

We are here to answer this need! At PJTN, we knew that in order to combat the growing threat of anti-Semitism globally, we had to produce award-winning, informative and entertaining programs to confront the disinformation campaign against Jews and Israel in this media-driven culture. 

Our Focus On Israel (FOI) program has won numerous awards and its audience continues to grow globally.  All of our 21 global media partners will tell you that FOI is one of the top programs their audience tunes into each week.

Recently, with the placement of FOI on DAYSTAR-TV in January, we are now capable of reaching an estimated 2.6 billion viewers in 200 nations through those combined media partners.

The cost of broadcast time is high and as never before we need your help!

Outrage Over Cory Booker: "Beware of the Wolf!"

Like every other pro-Israel leader and supporter, I was shocked and appalled earlier this week to see the now infamous photo of Democratic presidential hopeful Cory Booker holding a sign being brandished by one of the most radical of organizations promoting anti-Semitism and the BDS Movement against Israel—the U.S. Campaign for Palestinian Rights (USCPR)—espousing the message –“From Palestine to Mexico, All Walls Have To Go.”

Really? This smiling photo op from a man for whom the Jewish community played a massive role in his political success, based on his public promises to defend Israel, a promise that helped him become one of the largest recipients of pro-Israel campaign contributions in political history.

Read the full story here.

We Must "Take Sides Today" as the Hatred of Anti-Semitism Grows

As today's world news banners around the globe show the desecration of the childhood home in Romania of the late Holocaust survivor and renowned Jewish Nobel Laureate Elie Wiesel, we are abruptly reminded once again that the vile grasp of anti-Semitism crosses the ages, oceans, cultures and generations. Here was a man who after spending time in a Nazi concentration camp, spent the rest of his life preaching against hate and becoming a powerful and eloquent witness of the six million lives lost to hatred.  His small home, being preserved to become a historical monument and museum, was splashed with obscene anti-Semitic graffiti that boggles the imagination of those with a conscience.  

Elie Wiesel’s own words said it best: “We must always take sides. Neutrality helps the oppressor never the victim. Silence encourages the tormentor, never the tormented.”

Click to watch

Hear Laurie Cardoza-Moore on Dove Radio This Morning



Friday, August 3, 2018

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Laurie will be discussing PJTN’s latest initiatives in the war on anti-Semitism, including the battle being waged for the minds of our children, grades K-12.

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Will You Help Us Educate and Activate Christians and Jews?

PJTN is this week re-doubling our commitment and efforts to educate and activate Christians, Jews and people of conscience – this in the shadow of recent anti-Semitic incidents as the one seen over the weekend at the small synagogue in Carmel, Indiana.  Echoing the sentiments of Vice-President Mike Pence, it’s a sad commentary on the ignorance of Americans who would stand by and tolerate such hatred towards our Jewish brethren.

As we continue our educational series in the role the Hebrew Bible played in U.S. History to counter the revisionism being taught in America's schools, it is important to share the early foundations of the United States with the next generation. 

What Happened in Indiana Must Not Be Tolerated!

Far too under-reported this week in national news is the atrocity of what happened in Indiana.   

The rabid hatred of anti-Semitism went out of its way to find a rural synagogue and paint two gigantic Nazi flags on it during the holy Sabbath day (last Saturday).  Vice President Mike Pence, former Governor of Indiana along with both Indiana Senators and Congresswoman Susan Brooks stood with their tiny Jewish community to condemn the "cowardly act of vandalism - these vile acts of anti-Semitism."

At PJTN, we fight anti-Semitism 365/24/7.  On behalf of PJTN and our members--Christians, Jews and people of consciousness, we thank the Vice President for using the power of his position to stand against anti-Semitism.  

Today, more than ever, your decision to become a PJTN Watchman will allow us to fight on the frontlines alongside Vice President Pence, the Senators and Congresswoman Brooks.  Your gift of $20 gives us the vital push we need to educate more Christians to stand up and ensure that Jews in America feel protected by their brethren - us Christians.

The Role the Hebrew Bible Played in U.S. History

At a time when revisionist history orders the content in our children’s textbooks in classrooms throughout America, we are slowly losing our historic connection to the role the Hebrew Bible played in the early foundations of this United States.

In fact, under the new Common Core State Standards, we are no longer teaching our children about our founding.

Edmond Burke stated, “People will not look forward to posterity, who never look backward to their ancestors."

In Rabbi Ken Spiro’s book, WorldPerfect: The Jewish Impact on Civilization he writes,

“In England, the Puritan identification with the Bible was so strong that some Puritan extremists sought to replace English common law with Biblical laws of the Old Testament, but were prevented from doing so.  In America, however, there was far more freedom to experiment with the use of Biblical law in the legal codes of the colonies, and this was exactly what these early colonists set out to do."

You can read Rabbi Ken Spiro's complete article on America and Jewish Values here.

The Major Role the Bible Has Played in U.S. History

I was inspired and encouraged by many of the responses we received last week from our PJTN Watchmen about the correlation of American and Jewish values.  

At a time when textbooks and instructional materials being used in classrooms all over America have excluded this important part of history, it is essential for our children to understand the uniqueness of our relationship with our Jewish brethren and the State of Israel.

Gabriel Sivan observes in The Bible and Civilization that the early settlers were being used by The Almighty as instruments in the birth of this nation.

He writes: “No Christian community in history identified more with the People of the Book than did the early settlers of the Massachusetts Bay Colony… and saw themselves as instruments of Divine Providence, a people chosen to build their new commonwealth on the Covenant entered into at Mount Sinai.”

You can read Rabbi’s complete article here