South African Jews report ‘flurry of viciously anti-Semitic’ incidents | Jewish Telegraphic Agency

As we witness the alarming rise of anti-Semitism globally in general and South Africa specifically, PJTN Watchmen are rising to the occasion to confront this growing threat. Both Jews and Christians in South Africa are embracing each other's community and answering the call to unite based on a common bond, to defend and uphold God's covenant to Israel and the Jewish people.  PJTN is making this prophetic move possible through our global media partners and our award-winning films/programs.

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Trump’s Critics Desecrate the Holocaust - Wall Street Journal

It is shameful that the Democrats, leaders and media pundits would have the audacity to draw a moral comparison between our government's handling of illegal immigrant's children and the horrific treatment of the Jews in Germany by the Nazi's.  It wasn't the Jews who forced their children into cattle cars in the middle of the night to send their children to their death.  However, the immigrants themselves were willing to subject their children to the elements and an unknown future, including an environment that could threaten their children's well-being. While Congress and the Administration grapple with upholding the laws on the books for dealing with this difficult situation, as a mother, I can't help but ask why the mother's of these immigrant children would subject their children to this horrible situation. 

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Important Broadcasts! The Danger of "Liberation Theology"

Our discussions over the past two weeks on our Wednesday night “PJTN ONLINE!” broadcast on Facebook (you can join the viewership each Wednesday 6:00 PM CT/7:00 ET on the PJTN Facebook page at http://facebook.com/pjtnfans) have generated a tremendous flood of responses and questions!

What is liberation theology?  What is the real meaning of replacement theology?  What is the real position of ‘social justice’ in today’s Christianity?  What does revisionist theology teach?  How can I, as a Christian, avoid being led into false teachings

Urgent Warning - Jesus Was a Palestinian?

The headline in the June 1st online edition of Israel Today said it all:  “Jesus Was A Palestinian Christian Visitors To Bethlehem Are Told.”

Unbelievable?  Yes, unbelievable, but true. 

This “teaching” is infiltrating Christianity today and it has no basis in the Bible.  It’s a doctrine birthed at Bethlehem Bible College and it was the primary focus at the Christ At The Checkpoint conference that was hosted in May.  Arab Christians have declared that they are on target to expose cracks in the "theological" (not biblical) foundation that prompts so many evangelicals to support Israel, and what better way than to say Jesus wasn’t really a Jew after all!

That comment alone should raise a red flag for any Christian who believes in the validity and the infallibility of the Bible which tells us of God’s eternal covenant with Israel and the Jewish people.

Unfortunately, some major leaders in the evangelical movement here in America have openly applauded and embraced this revisionist approach, and countless Christians are sitting under these false teachings in our churches today!

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Urgent Warning! Special Broadcast Tonight at 6PM CT


A question from a Daystar Focus On Israel viewer crossed my desk this week, asking my opinion of the “Christ At The Checkpoint” conference.  Her friend had read an article on their most recent ‘conference of love’ last month and was influenced to discontinue their support of Israel.

Our mandate to educate Christians, Jews and people of conscience about our biblical responsibility to support Israel and our Jewish brethren against the global rise of anti-Semitism is more crucial than ever.  It is critical that we are fully aware of the disinformation campaign being executed by the “Checkpoint” propagandists. The conference organizers state that the conference is “theology based in the service of peace and justice,” and therein lies the truth.  The conference is not "biblically" based, it is theologically based.  The organizers of the conference are basing their "truth" on the doctrines and traditions of men who historically have been anti-Semitic, suggesting that God has "excommunicated" the Jews, replacing them with the Christian church.

Response to Tamika Mallory's Comments on Israel

As a Special Envoy to the UN for the World Council of Independent Christian Churches on Human Rights abuses, so-called celebrities like Mallory should research the history and the conflict before opening ones mouth. Comments like these only make her look ignorant at best, or as another perpetrator of inciting hate through her comments at worst. This is embarrassing for women in the West who are working with women in the Middle East to help them obtain their rights as women, just as women in Israel have.
BTW Tamika, those women who have the same rights in Israel happen to be Jewish, Christian and Muslim women. Think before you speak.

Urgent! Keep PJTN On Daystar!


Our PJTN message has never been more vital, timely and on target!!  Our world is upside down!  Who could have imagined a time that the ADL would become the go-to for stopping Islamophobia and that Christians would be the #1 defenders of Israel?! 

We are asking for your help to raise $40,000 a month to fight anti-Semitism by engaging a Christian coalition of 1.6 billion people whose attention we already have established through the Daystar relationship. They are watching and being educated by our PJTN productions (Focus On Israel, as well as our award-winning documentaries such as Israel Indivisible, Boycott This!, etc.). They are, in viewing our weekly broadcast, armed by PJTN with knowledge and emboldened by that knowledge to then take steps in their own local communities to protect our Jewish neighbors and Israel.

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Since our launch on the Daystar Television Network in January, viewers in North America have been able to tune in on Sundays at 11:00 PM Central to watch Focus On Israel across the entire US and Canada. Households in Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Jerusalem, Israel are examples of just three of the major locations among the global community covered by Daystar’s satellite system with viewing access to the PJTN message on a weekly basis.

Our goal: For our Daystar commitment to broadcast the PJTN global message to raise up a new worldwide generation in support of Israel, and for the program to become self-sufficient—totally funded by viewership donations.

The need: $40,000 per month to maintain our broadcast.

We are asking for your help to raise $40,000 a month to fight anti-Semitism by engaging a potential viewership of 1.6 billion people whose attention we already have established through the Daystar relationship.


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Daystar TV's "Marcus & Joni" aired a full hour interview with PJTN President and Founder Laurie Cardoza-Moore on April 10th, 2018.  

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