The God That Saw The Widow’s Mite—Will See Your Gift To PJTN

I am so grateful to each of you who have responded to our urgent need for financial support to keep Focus On Israel on DAYSTAR TV.  All it takes is $20 per month to become a PJTN Watchman.

This is but one example of a recent message on how PJTN programming is touching lives. These words, coming from a new 80 year “young” viewer in England who just discovered Focus On Israel deeply touched my heart.

“I recently came across your program on the television. It’s wonderful, at last, someone is standing up for Israel!  At the church where I go, some people are against Israel, as the Bible says would happen. Plus the nations that surround Israel have one aim which is to destroy her.

I want more teaching, but am not getting any. They (churches) here are changing.  They have removed all crosses, and they don’t want anything Christian. They don’t want me playing Christian music on the organ softly as people are arriving.

I enclose this small gift. Sorry I cannot give more, but I pray it will help.”

I was brought to tears. 

The lovely biblical story of “the widow’s mite” told to us in Mark 12:41 immediately flooded my mind.  Her two small mites together equaled the value of the smallest and least valuable Roman coin in circulation in ancient Judea—worth about six minutes of an average daily wage in that time. Her name isn’t recorded, yet God saw her sacrifice and cared enough about the importance of her gift to make sure we are still reading about it centuries later.

Will you make the sacrifice to give to PJTN today by becoming a $20 / month PJTN Watchman donor?  Will you help us to continue to reach 2.6 billion viewers to educate hearts about God's priority that we show support for Israel and our Jewish brethren?  We cannot do it without you.  

Your gift—large or small will make a difference, and God will see it!

Shalom & blessings,


Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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