Tennessee Parents vs. Governor Bill Haslam



The line has been drawn and the time for battle has come.  The battleground is at the state capitol this week.  The battle is for our children’s education and the future of this nation. 

As you know, PJTN has helped mobilize parents across the state to remove inaccurate, biased textbooks that do not reflect our values as Tennesseans.  Senator Mike Bell introduced legislation to address the inaccurate, biased textbooks, SB1602.  This legislation passed the Senate Education Committee last week and is on its way to the Calendar Committee, and finally to the Senate Floor for a vote.  

The House companion bill, HB2249 will be in the House Education Sub-committee on Tuesday (see details below).  This legislation will ensure greater scrutiny and accountability in the textbook selection process so that our children are provided accurate and unbiased information.  

Unfortunately, Governor Haslam does not agree.   

He is more concerned about keeping the control over the Tennessee Textbook Commission instead of listening to the people who put him in office! 

We have a few brave legislators that are willing to take a stand, but they cannot do it alone. They need the people of Tennessee to back them in order for them to be heard.  

If we want to take back control of our children’s education, government and the future of this great nation, then we need THOUSANDS of Tennesseans to show up. Bring the kids! Your voice at the hearings on Tuesday, and Thursday is VERY CRITICAL. 


TUESDAY – MARCH 11, 2014 
1. Show up at Legislative Plaza to lobby your legislator. 
2. Attend the House Education Sub Committee meeting @3:00pm CDT in Room 30 (get there early because the PAID opposition takes up all the seats) so you are not left standing in the hall.

1. Attend a rally at 1:30pm-3:00pm CDT on War Memorial Plaza
2. Speakers: We have a line up of radio personalities, legislators and activists
3. After rally is over feel free to go into Legislative Plaza and visit your Representative or Senator 

1. Attend House Session at 9am in the House Chamber (this is Capitol building located behind Legislative Plaza building.

1. Make phone calls to the following people: (lets take down their phone lines)
Gov. Haslam – 615-741-2001
Speaker Harwell – 615-741-0709
Lt. Gov. Ramsey – 615-741-4524
Rep. Mark White – 615-741-4415
Rep. Harry Brooks – 615-741-6879

Rick Womick asks we focus on the following bills when calling our legislators: 

HB2332 (repeal CC), 
HB1828 (withdraw from PARCC)
HB1963 (Fair and Clear Teacher Evaluation Act)
HB2263 (Educator Respect and Accountability Act of 2014) 
HB2290 (requires the department of education to reimburse LEAs for the costs of implementing and the ongoing costs to use common core state standards and PARCC assessments)

And then call and email YOUR House Representative and Senator.

Ask them to support SB1602/HB2249 – This legislation provides greater oversight and accountability to the parents when it comes to selecting textbooks for our children.

  • Also, when making your calls, state why you are against Common Core.
  • Please do not say you are calling because you were told to call. 
  • Remember, Common Core is unconstitutional and a violation of 3 federal regulations. 
  • Common Core standards were never tested or internationally benchmarked. 
  • The unqualified writers of Common Core standards did not include child development experts and over 500 early childhood development experts opposed Common Core standards back in 2010 because they found the standards to be developmentally inappropriate. Their concerns TO DATE have been ignored. Now we have our children begging not to go to school, sick, crying, stressed and tested to death. What will it take? Do we need to have a child commit suicide before we stand up and fight back? 
  • On Thursday, March 6, 2014 Kevin Huffman told an audience at a breakfast in Nashville that the teachers of Tennessee love Common Core. He had survey information from 14,000 teachers to prove it. He also said the parent groups that are speaking out are “faux parents”. If you are a teacher and do not like Common Core the time for you to speak up is NOW to end this madness. Parents……the time to speak out is NOW. Grandparents the time to speak out is NOW. Concerned citizens…..the time to speak up is NOW. PLEASE JOIN US NEXT WEEK.