We must revise course in our educational system and create new generations of American leadership before it’s too late.”

(Orlando, Florida) –September 30, 2020 –The “Taking Back America’s Children” campaign pioneered by Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to the Nation (PJTN), is connecting nationally on a state-to-state basis  with  major  stakeholders interested in the future of the quality of education received by America’s children..  Cardoza-Moore is leading the charge with the full commitment of her time and that of her organization.

Tennessee House Speaker Cameron Sexton last week invited the PJTN founder to serve on the Tennessee Textbooks and Instructional Materials Quality Review Commission. In her capacity as a Commissioner, she will have a hand in the review and selection of textbooks and instructional material content being adopted for children’s use in the state of Tennessee. She noted: “This is a tremendous opportunity to help ‘turn back the tide’ on the negative forces that have invaded our children’s curricula for decades. This opportunity truly represents the core and ‘the voice’ of the PJTN mission we have fought for. I am committed to ensuring that Tennessee textbooks and instructional materials are historically accurate, unbiased and reflect the values of the citizens of the state.”

PJTN’s academic research team, under the expert direction of Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, has recently played a major role in the review of Florida Middle School civic textbooks as part of an expert fact finding coalition engaged by the state to take part in the review and revision process of civic educational materials being presented for review to Governor DeSantis and Florida Education Commissioner Richard Corcoran. 

Cardoza-Moore has subsequently been asked to assist Governor DeSantis' Department of Education in upcoming reviewing of Holocaust standards in the State of Florida.

Herself a Florida native, Cardoza-Moore is impressed with the states dedication to their children’s quality of education. “As in so many avenues of education, Gov. DeSantis is leading the way in making Florida an example for the rest of the nation to follow with Holocaust standards. Florida requires all school districts to incorporate lessons on the Holocaust as another step in their quest to make the state #1 in student literacy and to combat antisemitism in state curricula.  Needless to say, I am humbled and honored to have been invited to serve the DeSantis administration in this capacity. These appointments further underscore the success of our PJTN Taking Back America’s Children campaign.” She noted, adding: 

“PJTN will never abandon our core mission in the war on anti-Semitism.  I am daily reminded that it was antisemitic content in a Pearson published textbook that led me to establish PJTN as an non-profit organization. The antisemitic, anti-Israel content is still a problem in classrooms across the U.S. It is exactly why we are seeing a rise in antisemitism in K-12 classrooms. We are on course to stop antisemitism at the very root of its beginning—in the education of our children. Hatred grows from small seeds planted in innocent young hearts and minds. It’s a war I am committed to win for America’s children.We must revise course in our educational system and create a new generation of American leadership before it’s too late.”


ABOUT: Laurie Cardoza-Moore 

Laurie Cardoza-Moore is a globally respected “go to” voice on the frontlines of the battle for the ideological, social, moral and civic mind of America’s next generation.

A home schooling mother of five, her original “wake-up call” on the state of America’s educational system was the discovery of anti-American, anti-Judeo Christian content in her own children’s textbooks.  The revelation of the early seeds of indoctrination of America’s children began her quest in the early 2000s to bring awareness and change through every avenue she could reach: Her home based advocacy in education in Williamson County, Tennessee had profound impact for change that reached national media.   Legislative, media, advocacy and ultimately the development of PJTN programs and documentaries that are now shared globally and educate on a mass level have become her successful vehicles of choice since PJTN was founded by her in 2005—literally born on her kitchen table. 

As a valued advisor to Tennessee state legislators in the review and correction of inaccurate and biased content in curriculum, she has mentored other homeschooling educators on K-12 facilitation of curriculums including an emphasis on civics/social studies geography, history and, language arts.  An avowed and passionate researcher of US Constitution and Civics history, she is also recognized as an expert in Hebraic Biblical history studies after more than 30 years of studies.

In 2019, under her watch, PJTN presented a major “white paper” to the U.S. Department of Education   that was exhaustive in content and call for change.

Through the avenue of PJTN programming--principally the 30-minute television series Focus On Israel  for which she serves as both host and executive producer – Laurie Cardoza-Moore  has reached over 2.6 billion potential viewers on a regular basis through a network of  two dozen TV affiliates and satellite carriers.

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