Swastikas painted on two Paris-area kosher shops.

swastikas_painted_on_kosher_shops.jpgSwastikas were painted on the facades of two kosher shops near Paris.

The incidents in the Parisian suburb of Creteil were discovered Wednesday. There are no suspects.

Separately, a kosher restaurant that was vandalized in Amsterdam last month by a 29-year-old Syrian who smashed its windows while waving a Palestinian flag was targeted again by people who regularly spit on its display window and throw filth on it, the owners of HaCarmel restaurant told a Dutch television station.

In the incidents in France, a total of five swastikas were painted with red paint on the shuttered blinds of the Promo Stock and the local branch of the Hyper Cacher kosher supermarket chain store. In 2015, an Islamist killed four Jews in the Porte de Vincennes branch of Hyper Cacher in eastern Paris.

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