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Stephanie Maier

Stephanie Maier is a popular educator, public speaker and writer of twenty-three years. Teaching people about the importance of freedom, she has lived and worked in fourteen countries including Afghanistan, Tajikistan, Cambodia, Haiti and throughout The Middle East. Stephanie has taught all ages and variety of people, from members of royal families, national political party leaders and Parliamentarians to journalists, villagers, and American patriots. Her writing has been published in English, Russian, Tajik and Arabic.

Domestically, Stephanie served as a Regional Director for the Republican Party of Florida and as a West Virginia gubernatorial campaign manager for Senator Sarah Minear in 2002. During her time at the RPOF, Stephanie worked on the Bush/Cheney 2000 Presidential campaign, the subsequent Florida recount and the ballot inspection that led to George W. Bush’s historic election victory. She also served in 2002 as Georgia’s 72-hour Director under Chairman Ralph Reed, recruiting and mobilizing over 3,000 volunteers that led to Georgia’s sweeping majority in the State House and Senate, and the first Republican Governor since Reconstruction.

Stephanie has a Bachelor’s degree in Broadcasting and Film from Boston University, a Master’s in Diplomacy and International Conflict Management from Norwich University, and has completed one year of her Doctoral studies in Public Policy with a concentration in Terrorism, Mediation and Peacekeeping. Stephanie has numerous credentials in campaign and media training, including certification from the Women’s Campaign School at Yale University and from the Amsterdam/Maastrich University in the Netherlands.

Stephanie is a master trainer and expert in curriculum design for both youth and adult learning. In Florida, Stephanie worked three years at a grade six through twelve charter school, where she served as the school Principal and as the State Coordinator for Instructional Design. She also earned Florida state-credited professional teaching certifications in American History, World History, Economics, Geography, Journalism, Exceptional Student Education and English for Speakers of Other Languages.

Her numerous presentations and trainings educate and train people in the areas of grassroots activism, issue advocacy engagement, Marxist ideology, political history and American exceptionalism, to name a few of her most requested topics.

Stephanie’s work has been featured in numerous articles and podcasts over the years. She’s appeared on news outlets in the United States, Cambodia, Tajikistan and Afghanistan. Stephanie is the author of three books, including the Christian children’s book, Vincent Vandersnoot Finds His Purpose: Why God made the earth, why He made people, and the meaning of everything.

Today, Stephanie focuses her historical knowledge and grassroots expertise on educating and empowering people at the intersection of God and good governance. Her latest book, The Righteous Fight: Reclaiming the soul of America and her keynote speech, “The Long, Slow March,” which details the history of how Marxist ideology infiltrated American culture, is being produced into a documentary for release in late 2022.

Originally from Ft. Myers, Florida, Stephanie, her husband and two children currently divide their time between their homes in Asheville, North Carolina and Jensen Beach, Florida.


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