“If being pro-Israel is now considered a hate crime, I will wear the SPLC listing of PJTN as a badge of honor…”

Laurie Cardoza-Moore     10/24/19

Hatred has a face behind the mask of the "protection of freedom of speech."

The Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has placed PJTN on their national "hate list” —a list that currently totals 1,026 organizations, highlighted by groups that include the KKK, neo-Nazis, racist skinhead organizations, anti-government movements, Neo-Confederates and Christian identity adherents. The hit list of Christian organizations includes not only PJTN, but also organizations such as the Family Research Council; ACT for America; the Center for Security Policy and the Alliance Defending Freedom, the latter a group of lawyers with conservative leanings who have been successful in defending America’s traditional core values.  

PJTN has been targeted as an “Anti-Muslim Hate Group.”

(See “hate map” here):

We are being persecuted for our unwavering stance in defense of Israel and the Jewish people in the ongoing war against antisemitism. We are under attack for warning America that we are in danger of losing our next generation of leadership through the K-12 indoctrination of our children.

The real truth: The SPLC, originally chartered as a civil rights organization, is now working to marginalize and ultimately silence the voice of Christians in America. As a “non profit” amassing $132 million dollars in donations last year, the SPLC has been successful in invoking the “hate map” and the specter of hate itself to promote and finance a radically left wing, decidedly anti-Christian agenda.

What we at PJTN value as freedom of speech and defensible expressions of truth, the SPLC defines as hate.

America faces a stealthy pre-violent form of warfare aimed to destroy our constitutional form of democratic government and our free society. We see the infiltration growing in our educational system, in the media and in the very corridors of Washington, as elected officials such as Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib rally support daily in Congress to divide America and instill antisemitism and hatred for Israel as the new norm for this generation of voters.

Silenceas the dread of being labelled “hater” has become the worst fate in a world of political correctness and social justice supported by leftist media interests. Yes, dear friends, a “civilization jihad” is well underway in America, and PJTN is called to wake up Christians, Jews, all people of conscience, all who will listen to the warning! We will not be silent!  

What are our potential losses for refusing to bow to the fear of being labelled a “hate group” and being forced into silence by the SPLC?

Our faith, family and freedoms are at stake as well as PJTN’s tireless voice in the war on antisemitism! We will not allow our voices to be silenced! We will not lose ground to our enemies in this battle!

You can make a difference!

Please let me know I can count on your support in this battle! We will need to raise $250,000 by the end of 2019 to achieve all that needs to be accomplished at hand by year’s end, as well as be prepared to stand in any legal battles that may arise from this challenge from the SPLC.

Can you imagine what victories against antisemitism and for the continuation of our children and grandchildren’s place in a free America could be won with the $132 million dollar war chest the SPLC has amassed from donors this year alone?

Please let me know you can stand with me in reaching PJTN’s year end goal to raise $250,000 at this challenging time! Please consider making an emergency donation of $50, $100, $250or more today!

We have a special gift offer to express our appreciation for your generosity.

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PJTN will battle on against all enemies! With your help—PJTN will continue to assure that your voice will never be silenced.


Thank you for your prayers and for your support…




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