Just before departing Israel for South Africa, I had the wonderful privilege of bringing personal greetings from PJTN while at a function hosted by Israeli President Rivlin.  As I share the photo with you, I will admit this was an honor I won’t soon forget.

Here, too, is a wonderful feature that appeared late last week at Israel recounting the facts on evangelical media’s impact on providing support for Israel.  My comments on this trip have been eye-opening to many, and certainly, PJTN continues to march boldly forward in our mandate to “educate Christians, Jews and all people of conscience on the biblical responsibility we hold to support Israel and our Jewish brethren!” 

Just as we were touching down in South Africa, I got the very encouraging news that SA’s President Cyril Ramaphosa had recently lavished praise for Israel in a nationally televised speech.  Addressing an important economic summit in Johannesburg, the President elevated Israel as an economic model for his own country saying, “Israel is leading by leaps and bounds in economic innovations…we can learn a lot from what they do.”

Praise God!  With that one speech, the President of South Africa has taken a bold move to distance himself from the ruling African National Congress which has ruled the country in the move to entrench anti-Israel sentiments and promote BDS at every level.  As we embark on our last few days of meetings here, I am asking our PJTN Watchmen to join me in prayer that what has transpired in the President’s message signals the beginning of a new day of closer ties of friendship for South Africa and Israel and the Jewish people!

My mission in meetings this week in Johannesburg, Pretoria, and Cape Town is to address the growth of antisemitism that has long ruled South Africa and lead Christians in particular to seek forgiveness as well as a new course that leads away from hatred and the vile teachings of “replacement theology” that has for generations provided fertile soil for antisemitism to grow to epidemic proportions in this nation.  I met so many wonderful pastors and church leaders during my June trip and again this week, the black South African church is an important center point to the coalition we are forming to defeat the age-old hatred and the progression of antisemitism in our generation through the implementation of both action and education.  We are prepared to win the battle for hearts and minds!  Your prayers are so important.

The PJTN office continues to keep me updated that more Watchmen daily are accepting the challenge of joining our modern-day “Gideon’s Army!”  Since our original challenge several weeks ago from Judith in New York to match her $1,000 donation—match challenges have now been made for $2,000 and $3,000!  Very thankful for the most recent $3,000 gift made by a husband and wife who are PJTN Watchmen from Tennessee!  Please join “Gideon’s Army” today and pay the blessing forward!

Yes—for another week, PJTN continues to wear our “hate list” definition from the Southern Poverty Law Center as a true badge of honor! 

We must continue to work for a world where no Jew—young or old—lives within the dark hatred of antisemitism!  The SPLC must not succeed in silencing our voice!

Remember:  What we at PJTN value as freedom of speech and defensible expressions of truth, the SPLC defines as hate.

Our faith, family and freedoms are at stake—as well as PJTN’s tireless voice in the war on antisemitism!  We will not lose ground to our enemies in this battle!

You can make a difference!

Please let me know I can count on your support in this battle!  We will need to raise $250,000 by the end of 2019 to achieve all that needs to be accomplished at hand by year’s end, as well as be prepared to stand in any legal battles that may arise from this challenge from the SPLC.

Please let me know you can stand with me in reaching PJTN’s year-end goal to raise $250,000 at this challenging time!

Please consider making an emergency donation of $50, $100, $250or more today!


PJTN will continue to assure that your voice will never be silenced!

Please keep our work in South Africa in your prayers this week….






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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