South Africans Accept PJTN's Challenge!

I will have just arrived back to the U.S. as this reaches you…it’s been three weeks packed with important agenda for PJTN—both in Israel and South Africa.

Our production team traveled throughout Israel filming episodes for our Focus On Israel (FOI) program and our social media campaign, Igniting the Torch to the Next Generation.  If you are not friends with us on Facebook, or following us on Twitter and Instagram, I hope you will sign-up so that you can share our message with your family and friends around the globe.

Our meetings in Johannesburg last week were crowned with tremendous success!  I was warmly received by a capacity crowd for our luncheon and found amazing synergy with both Jewish and Christian leadership who have pledged their support and efforts to the core messaging of PJTN in the global battle against anti-Semitism.  Despite any cultural differences; my media interviews; meetings and discussions with leadership, the black Christian population in South Africa shares the messaging of our biblical responsibility to stand with our Jewish brethren and Israel against the rise of global anti-Semitism.  They are committed to taking their position on the wall as PJTN Watchmen in the war on anti-Semitism against their Jewish brethren and Israel. 

I’ll be introducing you to our new chapter heads next!  They are a tremendously gifted and experienced team, powerful beyond their numbers, with a true passion and a calling for the PJTN mission!

This is another example of the power of PJTN’s award-winning media and the fruit of your ongoing support of our Focus On Israel TV programming.  Our ability to reach this group of important influencers in South Africa was born out of their familiarity with our messaging through the FOI broadcasts, which of course reaches South Africa as part of the global platform of over 200 nations worldwide!  The PJTN message is virtually now fulfilling the biblical mandate to reach “all nations.”

At our luncheon and in satellite discussions, my emphasis was PJTN’s plan to work together with local Christian and Jewish leadership in South Africa in raising support for Israel within the country.  At the same time, I spoke on our need to form a coalition that will dispense information, education and media tools to provide on the ground messaging to confront South Africa’s BDS boycotts and violence.

PJTN is planting our flag in South Africa at a critical moment.

Our efforts and our experience on the frontlines in the battle against anti-Semitism will both strengthen and empower the local community in their country’s fight against the anti-Semitic BDS movement.  In the planning stages now is my September return for a PJTN conference to rally South Africans to resist the anti-Semitic disinformation campaign that was birthed in Durban and has spread to the nations of the world.

We cannot do it without YOUR financial support! 

There are many opportunities for you to be a charter founder with PJTN in South Africa.  

It’s a major battle for the heart and mind of the continent amid the rising forces and violence of anti-Semitism – and it’s a battle we must not lose!

I want to leave you with a closing thought in Isaiah 45:14 Thus says the LORD: "The wealth of Egypt and the merchandise of Cush, and the Sabeans, men of stature, shall come over to you and be yours; they shall follow you; they shall come over in chains and bow down to you.  They will plead with you, saying: ‘Surely God is in you, and there is no other, no god besides him.’”


Thank you for making the mission of PJTN possible with your ongoing support and prayers…



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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