Sign Petition To Fire LA Hotel Manager For Wearing Natzi T-Shirt


I wanted to let you know about this terrible incident in Los Angeles where owners of a hotel refuse to fire their manager for wearing a Nazi - T-shirt.

This gross display of hatred is absolutely outrageous and the hotel should fire the Manager immediately. What example does that set for the other members of the staff? Not only should people sign the petition, but they should also let the Hotel management know that they will not be staying at their hotel- ever! I would be very concerned about my safety staying in a hotel who slaps the hand of a Nazi sympathizer!

Let the hotel owners and the world know this Anti-Semitic behavior is not acceptable. Please sign the petition and post the message below on Twitter and your other social media platforms:

Tell the owners of the Soto Hotel in Los Angeles they must fire their manager for wearing an Anti-Semitic t-shirt.  I just signed the petition - please join me! #justiceforjeffanddan @PJTN

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