"Dominos Are Falling" Says Educational Advocate As San Francisco School Board Recall Sends Shockwaves Nationwide





(ORLANDO, FL) – 2/22/22 – With the successful overthrow of woke hyper-radical Marxism from the school board platform in San Francisco, Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Founder and President of Christian-based advocacy group Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) is this week aggressively rallying her California ground forces on a media campaign in support of parents “taking back America’s children” the subject of a national campaign her organization launched more than three years ago.

“San Francisco was a major victory for the kind of seeds of activism PJTN has sown in California over the past three years,” she noted in a phone interview from Orlando this weekend. “I salute the parents and the tremendous organizational push the Asian American community, in particular, put behind this overturn victory. These bases of concerned coalitions are the models ‘Taking Back America’s Children’ is instructing must be accomplished state-by-state, community-by-community, school board-by-school board, to turn around the future of our children and take back our educational system. Pushing progressive/dysfunctional politics instead of acting in the best interests of children amid the pandemic when the board voted to keep schools in lockdown set the stage. Irrational emphasis on renaming schools in San Francisco that honored public figures like Washington and Lincoln—both of whom the Marxists have linked to race, sexism and other social injustices, while children feel increasingly behind educationally, became the perfect storm of issues that incited parents to push back on the failing woke agenda and vote ‘NO!’ The dominoes are starting to fall.”

Cardoza-Moore further stated, "This issue is not about right and left, conservative and liberal, Republican or Democrat. What the Marxists didn't bargain for was that Republicans and Democrats rose as a unified force declaring our children are not Marxist guinea pigs for their radical agenda to destroy our Republic."

As Abraham Lincoln stated, "The philosophy of one generation will be the government of the next."

California has been in Cardoza-Moore’s crosshairs since her nationwide petition to halt the passage of the liberal Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum reached Governor Newsom in 2018. “PJTN has remained on the ground,” notes Cardoza-Moore. “My ongoing concern has been not only for the education of the six million students in California classrooms but that the state has traditionally served as the petri dish for Marxist curriculum and policies that systemically are adopted nationally. We’ve watched the trend of California study courses becoming increasingly more radical and antisemitic excluding children being taught how to read, write, add and subtract; being given any knowledge on civics and American history or having any instruction on critical thinking. Instead, the canceling of both knowledge of and authentic wisdom from the past, as well as the traditional Judeo-Christian values that are the bedrock of our Constitutional Republic have been the focusing point of school boards like the one just dismissed in San Francisco. Parents are increasingly waking up and calling for revisions and transparency in our children’s educational system and realizing we must have it if America is to survive.”

“Taking Back America’s Children” held its first major national Summit in Orlando earlier this month. More than a half dozen is planned nationally in 2022 including an event in California in the late spring. Notes Cardoza-Moore: “Thomas Jefferson said, ‘We in America do not have government by the majority we have government by the majority who participate’ and more parents are rising up to participate as we just saw in San Francisco.”

“We’re dedicated to waking up parents and all concerned Americans to the fact we face losing the next generation of our nation’s leadership . . .our children. As I told my audience in Orlando, “if you’re not outraged, you are not paying attention.”

ABOUT PJTN:  As the Founder and President of PJTN, Laurie Cardoza-Moore continues to tirelessly devote her efforts to an ever increasingly impactful focus on educating and activating Christians, Jews and all people of conscience on their biblical responsibility to stand with Israel and our Jewish brethren against the rise of global antisemitism.

In 2019, Cardoza-Moore mobilized her organization’s growing army of “PJTN Watchmen” in the launch of a new focus. The Taking Back America’s Children campaign, a growing national movement to educate, motivate and activate Americans on the dire need for educational reform during these challenging times was born. PJTN’s efforts to “wake up” America come at a time when the failure of our nation’s schools is increasingly tragic and must be reversed.  


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