The “silver lining” to the dark cloud that the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC) has attempted to cast over PJTN continues to rain blessings in the form of new and renewed commitments to our work!

We have had an outpouring of international press that brought our messaging to a new world of awareness.  Major Jewish press outlets from Jerusalem to New York posted stories on PJTN and the attack we are under in being named a “hate group” for supporting Israel and the Jewish people.  You can click here to see highlights of this global coverage.

Israel’s top political cartoonist, Yaakov Kirschen, whose work has appeared in newspapers from the Jerusalem Post to a global syndicate of print and now to a new generation of worldwide readers on the Internet, honored PJTN with our inclusion in one of his political cartoon commentaries that appeared in “Dry Bones” last week.  This was much more than the honor of his attention—it was a breakthrough to the “pop culture” recognition PJTN has earned as a true “voice” that is reaching the world in the battle against antisemitism!  His note to me came with the assurance of his support of PJTN and that this message would be shared by him to his entire universe of  “Dry Bones” readers. You can view his work here. This was a tremendous honor from a man who has become a valued friend to our work!

We were also blessed with communication last week from Judith in New York—a PJTN supporter—who is now encouraged by the current attack by the SPLC to become even more motivated!  Judith wrote:

“I am viewing all the PJTN videos and learning more about Laurie—she is amazing!  The SPLC hate list is more than a badge of honor—they are helping you increase the donations you will receive.  Cheers! (In Hebrew this is DAVKA)…!  Here is my gift of $1,000.  You only need 249 more people!”

I have reached out to personally thank Judith for the encouragement her support gives me in knowing we are truly assuring her voice is heard! 

I pray God will raise a true “Gideon’s Army” and will call 249 more supporters of Israel and the Jewish people to join Judith with a $1,000 pledge!

Remember: What we at PJTN value as freedom of speech and defensible expressions of truth, the SPLC defines as hate.

Our faith, family and freedoms are at stake — as well as PJTN’s tireless voice in the war on antisemitism!  We will not allow our voices to be silenced!  We will not lose ground to our enemies in this battle!  In the words of Winston Churchill when he was facing a formidable force, he reassured his countrymen, "We will never surrender!"  And at PJTN, neither will we.

You can make a difference!

Please let me know I can count on your support in this battle!  We will need to raise $250,000 by the end of 2019 to achieve all that needs to be accomplished at hand by year’s end, as well as be prepared to stand in any legal battles that may arise from this challenge from the SPLC.

Please let me know you stand with me in reaching PJTN’s year end goal to raise $250,000 at this challenging time!  
Please consider making an emergency donation of $50, $100, $250or more today!


PJTN will continue to assure that your voice will never be silenced.

Please pray for me as I leave for Israel on Wednesday!  I will participate at the invitation of the Israeli Government in a Media Summit Panel of Christians in support of Israel.  It’s both a tremendous honor and responsibility—and your prayers will be felt.






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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