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I am grateful for your support of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations!  It is only with your financial contributions and help in spreading the word that we are able to continue our work of fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel.  We have a great deal more work to do, and I am asking for your help in our fundraising drive.  

Here's how you can help right now:

Become a monthly donor today.  We need 5,000 new monthly donors of at least $20 by the end of the year in order to fully achieve our goals.  Click here for our easy donation form, and your monthly contribution will be automatically charged to your credit card.  This is less than the price of four coffees per month, and the sooner you start contributing, the bigger your tax write-off will be by the end of the year!

Sign up for updates from PJTN.  We are hard at work every day educating, advocating and activating all people of conscience in support of Jews and Israel.  Click here to make sure you don't miss any updates on our work and how you can get involved.  

RSVP to our upcoming events.  I am speaking at a number of events across the country over the next few months - I would love to see you there!  Please take a look at our event calendar and RSVP for any number of events you would like to attend.  

Tell everyone why you support PJTN.  Share with your family, friends and colleagues why fighting anti-Semitism and supporting Israel is so important to you.  Click here for your own personal sharing links to spread the word about PJTN on social media and in emails.  

Thank you again for your support of our important mission at Proclaiming Justice to The Nations.  Together we will build a better world for Jews and Israel.


Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations

Proclaiming Justice to The Nations
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