With the dawn of 2020, PJTN will once again be on the frontlines full force on the very important agenda of K-12 curriculum and textbooks and the impact they have on the future leadership of America.

Unfortunately, as we’ve found, the disinformation being presented as “truth” in our children’s textbooks and curriculum materials are too often steeped in the misinformation and indoctrination of anti-American, anti-Christian, antisemitic interest groups focused on their own propaganda goals.

What is at stake is the minds, hearts and souls of our next generation of leaders and our continued cherished values of God and country.

Dr. Sandra Alfonsi, PJTN’s valued Special Advisor on the textbook agenda we champion has a special message and request to share as we close out this year and prepare for great victories in 2020.

She wants to:

  • Thank our PJTN Watchmen community for assisting us in the identification and correction of biased curricula in your local school districts.
  • Ask for your feedback to PJTN on any and all content/materials that you find of concern in schools in your district.
  • Encourage you to become increasingly proactive with inter-action with your local school boards and monitoring their efforts towards the educational tools being presented to your children and grandchildren.
  • Recommend that you never undervalue the importance of your participation and your voice.


Additionally, Dr. Alfonsi would like our help to identify where the following TCI (Teacher’s Curriculum Institute) textbooks are being used:

  • History Alive! Social Studies—elementary, middle school, and high school editions (3 books).

 If you find them being used in your local district—please notify PJTN and let us know the publication date of the books in use.

You can go to the local school board website to research curricula being used in your local schools. If not available there, you can resource the website of the local schools, or contact the local school by phone.

If you have information on any—or all—of these books, please email us at  info@pjtn.org


We will have many victories on the textbook agenda throughout the coming New Year!






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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