PJTN "Watchmen" Help Win Another Battle This Week In The War Against Anti-Semitism!

The power of PJTN’s messaging was never more evident than this week when we launched our media campaign to expose the University of Michigan as a breeding ground for anti-Semitism.  As a result of the steadfast efforts of PJTN and 57 additional organizations demanding that the administration take action against the anti-Semitic professor, the University issued an open apology from the school’s  President, Mark Schlissel.  Click here to read the article.

Additionally, in 2015, PJTN launched a nationwide anti-BDS campaign in state legislatures across the U.S. exposing the organizations that threaten the Civil Rights of Jewish students on campuses.  Currently, 10 states have passed with Ohio, Texas and Colorado next in line to introduce and pass their resolutions as well.

Click here to read the full press release that was issued this week from PJTN.

President Schlissel apologized to Jewish students in a letter sent to the university community over the recent controversies on campus.  Addressing the two instructors who refused to write letters of recommendation to students who wanted to study in Israel, he noted that refusing to write such letters for political reasons violates university policy.  The university noted that they are now in the process of assisting the two Jewish students who were denied recommendation letters by helping them complete applications to study abroad in Israel.

On the matter of the mandatory lecture Jewish students were required to attend that featured anti-Semitic content, Schlissel noted, “We are sorry students were hurt by this experience.”

As an addendum, he added that the university has established a panel of distinguished faculty members to examine the intersection between political thought/ideology and faculty members' responsibility to their students.


PJTN will hold them accountable!  

Thank you to all who signed our online petition.  

If you haven’t already—please sign today and let your voice be heard on this important agenda of accountability!


Before we take a victory lap around the University of Michigan campus; however, we must remember:  An estimated 2,000 faculty members in higher education across the country have endorsed the BDS Movement, including at least two dozen at UofM—a number of whom serve in top leadership roles in their departments.  Is it any wonder that anti-Semitism is once again on an alarming rise across America’s college campuses?

Old habits and hatreds don’t die easy!  We must be as vigilant as the “watchmen on the wall” were in Israel of old, as commanded by God in Isaiah 62:6.  We must watch to ensure that repeat offenses and new ways to disguise anti-Semitism on campus are not allowed at the University of Michigan, or any campus.


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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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