News has reached around the world within the past 24 hours of PJTN being targeted as a “hate group” by the Southern Poverty Law Center (SPLC)!

See link on today’s front-page news feed at United With Israel.org 

As I write this, United With Israel has posted this news article on their Facebook page for viewing by their 6 million followers—and already PJTN’s story of the attack on our organization by the SPLC has been shared over 200 times!

Truly what the enemy intended for our harm, God is using for good to take our messaging wider to an even larger base of new awareness!

As I was accurately quoted in a press release that was issued by our Communications Office: “If being pro-Israel is now considered a hate crime, I will wear the SPLC listing as a badge of honor." 

Our answer to their charges: We will continue to fight hate through our thousands of PJTN Watchmen around the globe.  Our answer to this absurd hate attack will be to open more PJTN chapters in America as well as globally and fight even harder to have antisemitism defined and confronted throughout the free world.  We will not be marginalized or silenced because of our support for Israel and the Jewish people.

Actions speak louder than words! 

As we commit this week in the face of the SPLC charges to “go wider and speak louder” with our messaging, Cheryl Charles, PJTN Director in South Africa, brought news today that my speaking engagements set for November in Johannesburg and Cape Town are nearing capacity.  Respected Black African church leaders in particular from across SA are responding to our invitation to join PJTN’s call to take leadership on their continent in winning the global war on antisemitism!

As I’ve shared, our South African meetings will include open discussions of strategies for healing of the wounds of recent past history.  South Africa played a historical role in the links of BDS and the rise of the ‘new antisemitism’ being seen worldwide.  The Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions (BDS) movement emerged at the 2001 UN sponsored World Conference on Racism, and Racial Intolerance which was held in Durban, South Africa.  What ultimately was born of the meeting was a document that birthed the antisemitic BDS Movement, declaring Israel to be a racist apartheid state and accusing it of committing crimes against humanity.  It went on further to demand punishment and world censure, as well as to demand the imposing of world sanctions on the diplomatic, economic, social and military fronts between all nations and the Jewish nation. 

Our mission comes at a crucial time of increased pressure from pro-Palestinian organizations pushing the BDS Movement across SA as well as last month’s announcement that the Anglican Church of South Africa has voted to approve a formal resolution in support of BDS.  This is a move that represents the voices of over 4 million Anglicans in SA.

I am ready for the battle at hand.  The climate in South Africa should be deeply disturbing to every Christian American—and certainly to every PJTN Watchman!  Realizing that while 80% of South Africans are Christian, antisemitism is none the less rampant in the country because replacement theology is a widely accepted doctrine there that is fueling misinformation and bringing a misdirected hatred for Israel.  My prayer: The black South African church will arise as a crucial center point to healing the wounds of hatred.  That the coalition we are forming will help to defeat the age old hatred and the progression of antisemitism in our generation through the implementation of both action and education.

PJTN is speaking louder and going wider but we can only do it with your support!  

The launch of our South African trip comes at a time when funds are sorely “stretched” by the ordinary day-to-day challenges of a non-profit.  Add the additional pressure from the SPLC to silence our voice and derail our support with the added financial commitment to bring PJTN’s message to South Africa and you can begin to imagine the needs at hand.

Please let me know you can stand with me in reaching PJTN’s year-end goal to raise $250,000 at this challenging time!

Please consider making an emergency donation of $50, $100, $250or more today!

We have a special gift offer to express our appreciation for your generosity:

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PJTN will battle on against all enemies!  With God’s help and your help—PJTN will continue to assure that your voice will never be silenced

Thank you for your prayers and for your support. 






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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