PJTN's Media Partner Pulled Off The Air

PJTN is under attack!

I am writing to you from Jerusalem to ask you for both your immediate prayers and your support! 

We have received news from one of our 21 global media partners, Israel CNN, that our award-winning Focus On Israel program has been removed from the 24/7 Christian Channel in the Netherlands, Family 7.

An indictment has been filed against our Focus On Israel broadcasts, charging, “hate speech, discrimination, xenophobia, and non-political correctness.”  The program that brought this spate of hatred was centered around the historical revelation of truth about the existence of the Palestinian state and Israel’s everlasting rights, given by God, to possess the land He has given to them.  Not surprisingly, the complaint and attempt to remove our programming message has originated with Dutch Palestinians.  It was delivered to Family 7's offices with the assurance that legal action will follow—actions that will affect legal entanglements for both Israel CNN and Family 7 broadcasting of Focus On Israel and ultimately, PJTN. 

Through the transmissions of our programming, more than 5 million Dutch homes have been regularly receiving the “true news” on Israel with our core messaging of why we as Christians must support Israel and the Jewish people in these dangerous times of the rising tide of worldwide anti-Semitism.  Europe is in the very crosshairs on this wave of hatred and we must not allow our broadcasts to be forced off-air!  Sadly, Family 7 is a 24/7 Christian network, on the air with the Christian message since 2005 in a country that is in desperate need of both the gospel of the kingdom and the “biblical truth” that our content is providing Dutch viewers about Israel and our Jewish brethren!

We must not allow our airtime to be lost and our voice in Europe to be silenced! 

Please support us with your prayers at this crucial time!  Also, your financial support is needed for the legal challenges we will have ahead in this battle—and those that may still ensue. Despite the German interventions into their country, Holland was a crucial linchpin mustering support of the Jews during the Holocaust in establishing a Dutch underground that saved more than 30,000 Jewish lives.  Here in an age of free speech and open broadcast, we must not allow the truth to be forced to go “underground!”

Thank you and my prayers for you today come from Jerusalem—God’s Eternal City…





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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