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We had the great honor at PJTN this week of receiving a request from a nationally known Christian university to access a complete set of our Focus On Israel television series to be incorporated into their curriculum as an educational course within the classroom.  A teaching/discussion element will be added to each episode as this university has opted to set a priority to educate their students and staff members on the biblical responsibility to support Israel and our Jewish brethren.  The message went on to say that the President of this college has been devoted in watching Focus On Israel on Daystar which has fueled a passion to bring our messaging to his students.

Before we issued a formal press release, I wanted to tell the PJTN Watchmen personally:

I was thrilled with this message, as it is the very heartbeat of why PJTN exists!  This particular educational institution has influence that reaches into more than 45 nations with many international students on their campus and a strong emphasis on impacting cultures and nations for God.  Planting the “seeds” of truth and love of Israel into hearts through the Focus On Israel programming will bear a harvest that is incalculable!   

Our mandate to “educate, equip and mobilize” the forces of PJTN against the growing clouds of antisemitism in all its virulent forms can be accomplished “one campus at a time”—and we must press towards that goal!  We have proven in our research that the seeds of hatred are planted when children are in K-12 through textbooks and course materials online that are openly antisemitic and anti-American in their values.  Many Christian parents wonder why it’s their children who are protesting against Israel on college campuses—or joining pro-Palestinian organizations a world away from the Christian values they thought their children were receiving.

You’ve heard me repeat our battle cry many times:  “Wake up America…we are in danger of losing our next generation of both leadership and support of Israel!” Those words have never been more true.

YOUR dollars made today’s good news possible!  Part of those dollars contributed to the production of Focus On Israel and the airtime it takes to reach the world by global satellite.  Through your support, we have won the mind and heart of an entire university that has a mission to reach the world—and the promise of more!  Please be encouraged with this victory and your part in it…you are vital to all we do!   




Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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