I spent the morning on the phone with the PJTN team—here in America, Israel and Australia in forming strategy on the rising crisis of antisemitic school bullying—the most recent news coming from two shocking incidents in Melbourne, Australia that were reported last week and went viral worldwide.

The Australian incidents in question included a five year old Jewish boy who was systemically subjected to antisemitic taunts and verbal cruelty from classmates on a daily basis in the school’s bathroom, causing the child to have inordinate fear of attending his Kindergarten classes.  According to a news report by the Australian Jewish News, the secret torment was revealed when the 5 year old fell crying at his mother’s feet, saying, “You shouldn’t love me Mommy, I’m a worthless Jewish rodent, I’m vermin!”  The second student in the same Melbourne school district was reported to be a 12 year old boy, who after ongoing verbal and physical threats and abuse on campus, was forced to kiss the feet of a Muslim classmate.  He was subsequently physically assaulted in a park nearby by a group of nine bullies who photographed, filmed and posted the incident with the Muslim student on Instagram.

Both young Jewish students were forced to leave their schools due to lack of support from school officials. The 5 year old child was re-assigned to use a private bathroom onsite rather than confront the source of the problem. Noted one of the two boys’ parents: “The school refused to accept there was any antisemitism involved, It was just bullying.  The principal said, ‘I don’t want to make the other students feel uncomfortable,’” the parent reported to Australian media.

Our PJTN Director in Western Australia communicated to me: “We have contacted the Australian Jewish News, ICCJ, ICCJWA, the Holocaust Institute and the Australian Department of Education regarding these horrific attacks on our Jewish children in schools.  I have voiced PJTN’s concern and our efforts to bring awareness of this problem to the general public.  We have given notice to the Education Department that we need to know what they are doing about it.  Our PJTN office will contact various politicians even up to the Prime Minister to demand an action plan to combat antisemitism in our Australian schools and communities.”

I am today calling upon Australian Prime Minister Scott Morrison, to formally address and condemn antisemitism in the nation’s schools and to demand a full investigation of the two shocking incidents in the Melbourne schools.

I am also including the offer of implementing our resources and involvement in an educational program for Australian schools to educate students and teachers on the ongoing threats being posed by antisemitism on campuses worldwide.  Our proven strengths, including educational film documentaries and resource support materials for campus use in combatting antisemitism combined with our experience would prove invaluable.  PJTN’s work in the U.S. focuses strongly on the indoctrination of K-12 antisemitism in schools and in school textbooks used by America’s children.  It translates globally.  I look forward to our organization being a source of help and support to Australia and I look forward to the Prime Minister’s response.

Our world is growing ever smaller as hatred only increases.  PJTN has a mission to educate, motivate and activate concerned people, Christians, Jews, and people of conscience of every religion globally to join in the ongoing battle against the alarming rise of antisemitism worldwide.  Hatred grows from small seeds planted in young minds.  Your generous support of PJTN is making a difference in changing both young minds and hearts.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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