PJTN Is Mobilizing African Christians To Take Their Position On The Wall Against BDS And Anti-Semitism

It’s with a great deal of excitement today that I am making the announcement to both national and international media…

We are planting the first PJTN international flag in Johannesburg, South Africa!

As you know, I am just back from South Africa where I had the distinct honor of meeting with both Jewish and Christian leadership at a pre-launch luncheon.  I was greeted by an amazingly enthusiastic audience that included Christian representation from the South African parliament, several recognized and honored tribal kings and a significant turn-out of black African Christian leadership, all of whom enthusiastically pledged their support to the PJTN mandate to win the global battle against anti-Semitism on our watch.  As witnessed in South Africa and around the world, as you know as part of the PJTN family, this virulent hatred we are seeing has become a community by community global crisis and a grave situation for which PJTN is committed to find solutions.

PJTN June luncheon in Johannesburg brought a new coalition of support as Laurie shared the mandate to defeat anti-Semitism with honored guests.

Our PJTN base in South Africa is being established at a crucial time. Our mission comes amid increasing pressure from the pro-Palestinian organizations in South Africa pushing the anti-Semitic BDS movement, as well as from similar agenda coming from the ruling African National Congress Party, which has long been hostile to Israel.  In May, SA recalled its ambassador to Israel in the wake of the deaths of Palestinian protestors along the Gaza border.  Last December, senior Hamas representatives attended the ANC party’s national conventionThe climate in South Africa is deeply disturbing.  Realizing that 80% of South Africans are Christian, PJTN’s biblical message is ripe for this nation.  Anti-Semitism is rampant in the country because replacement theology is a widely accepted doctrine there, fueling misinformed, misdirected hatred for Israel.  The black South African church will be an important center point to the coalition we are forming to defeat the age-old hatred and the progression of anti-Semitism in our generation through the implementation of both action and education.  We are prepared to win the battle.

I will need your help!

We are planning our first PJTN International Conference to educate and activate Jews, Christians and all people of conscience in South Africa and throughout the African continent in September.

This will be impossible without YOUR support!  We must raise $100,000 to underwrite the costs and accomplish this vital mission!

We will be announcing several opportunities available to all PJTN Watchmen to invite you to become a Charter Member & Founder with PJTN in South Africa.  As Watchmen on the Wall, we have a mandate from God to support our Jewish and Christian brethren in this region of the world—we must take a lead position on the battlefield to push back the encroaching darkness of hatred being widely spread through the anti-Semitic growth of the BDS Movement on the African continent.

For you who may be interested in making a pre-launch Founders donation in support of this groundbreaking initiative, please email me directly at: lauriecm@pjtn.org  I will be happy to submit a full and formal project overview for your thoughtful consideration.

In the Book of Nehemiah, we learn of his deep anguish for a city he had never seen—Jerusalem—a city that had been destroyed by the Babylonians before his birth more than 140 years earlier.  In Nehemiah’s writings, we learn he had a God given vision of what the city could become with a new wall—a new gloriously restored city where God could once again dwell with His people.  The terrible dilemma of his Jewish brethren afar off gripped the prophet’s heart and his vision emboldened him to take action.  This is how God’s work gets done.  It starts with concern, moves into prayer and translates into action.  Like Nehemiah, we will find that much can be accomplished when God is backing our efforts!

I come rejoicing in telling you God is calling PJTN to “darkest Africa” in the war on anti-Semitism.  For us it will not be dark. We are armed with the light.

I covet your prayers!



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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