PJTN Is "Awake" On All Fronts Against Antisemitism

PJTN made international news headlines yesterday with our “travel advisory” for the upcoming visit to Israel by antisemitism’s favorite duo, Omar and TlaibSee this article from Jerusalem’s Arutz-Sheva’s international news section…

My suggestion that they be routed through the terror tunnels from Egypt or by boat into Gaza would provide the world with a real life ‘over the shoulder’ glimpse of the horrific results Omar and Tlaib’s fund raising efforts for Hamas have brought in the ongoing campaign they’ve waged to destroy Israel.  Too, it might give those millions of Americans who remain, “asleep” to the dangers presented by Omar and Tlaib, a chilling wake-up call on what can be accomplished when two women who are propelled by hatred for America and Israel are elected by voters and are given power and the permission to wield it in the US Congress. Please add your signature to the more than 40,000 Americans already onboard in removing Omar and Tlaib from Congress by signing our petition at pjtn.org/demandomarresign 

In the truest sense, PJTN is faithful to our calling  as “Watchmen on the Wall.”  While media cycles changed and attention was elsewherePJTN stayed on track in the case of Dr. Lara Kollab, the virulently antisemitic doctor at Cleveland Clinic who was exposed to national attention last year for her posted online threats to commit physical harm to the Jewish patients in her care.  Her extremely vicious antisemitic social media posts — that had been researched and catalogued — and evidence were gathered on online media linked to anti-Semitic posts and threats that dated back to 2011.

On January 13, 2019, our General Counsel, Mike Goldstein, who also heads PJTN’s Ohio Chapter, filed a Complaint and Memorandum of Law with the State Medical Board of Ohio (Board) on behalf of PJTN, demanding that the Board take action to revoke permanently Dr. Kollab’s Ohio Training Certificate (DO) which is licensing her to practice medicine in the State of Ohio.  In his Memorandum filed with the Board, Mr. Goldstein noted that in her tweets, Kollab reveals herself to be a virulent antisemite, having called for violence against Jews, spread antisemitism, trivialized the Holocaust, defended the designated terror organization Hamas and supported terrorists on Twitter.

Subsequently, we got word this week that the State Medical Board of Ohio has answered the complaint filed by PJTN and is considering appropriate action against DrKollab.  We are pushing to have her medical license revoked and her future opportunity to practice medicine and potentially harm Jewish patients, or those who simply support Israel, will thus be ended.  I will keep you updated.

Thank you for your continued support—it makes all we do possible.  As the work load we face increases weekly, our staff remains very small and very committed to the massive challenges at hand.  You can continue to make a significant difference in the ongoing battle against antisemitism by becoming a “PJTN Watchman.”  Your donation—large or small—will be well utilized and so appreciated!





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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