PJTN is at a Critical Crossroad - The Need is Urgent


Since our launch on the Daystar Television Network in January, viewers in North America have been able to tune in on Sundays at 11:00 PM Central to watch Focus On Israel across the entire US and Canada. Households in Sydney, Australia; Johannesburg, South Africa; and Jerusalem, Israel are examples of just three of the major locations among the global community covered by Daystar’s satellite system with viewing access to the PJTN message on a weekly basis.

Our goal: For our Daystar commitment to broadcast the PJTN global message to raise up a new worldwide generation in support of Israel, and for the program to become self-sufficient—totally funded by viewership donations.

The need: $40,000 per month to maintain our broadcast.

We are asking for your help to raise $40,000 a month to fight anti-Semitism by engaging a potential viewership of 1.6 billion people whose attention we already have established through the Daystar relationship.


You will see a dramatic return for your investment as hearts and minds are changed to embrace Israel and the Jews at a time, as you are all too aware, when anti-Semitism is on an alarming tidal wave of growth. We must reach this “new generation” through the power of broadcast—they are a people who must carry the torch forward.

We have taken great ground in the fight against anti-Semitism, BDS, and the hatred for Israel and the Jews—a hatred that is too often generational—born out of ignorance and combated when the light of the truth is broadcast by PJTN.

We must not lose this ground and this global battle!

Please consider giving your best “over and above” donation to help us bridge the financial shortfall we are facing in the broadcast funding! 

Please contact me, and also consider sharing this message with those you know who may also support our vision of victory in the battle!


Blessings—and thank you for your prayers…


Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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