PJTN Is Again Recognized For Award-Winning "Media With A Message"

Through the ongoing support of our donors, PJTN remains dedicated to our continual production of award-winning original content “media with a message” that provides relevant, informative and invaluable information that can positively change minds, hearts and outcomes in the world around us.  Our productions have won numerous Emmy Awards for film making excellence.

We had the wonderful privilege of winning yet another award just last week with the announcement that Boycott This! was named  “2018 Best Documentary Feature Film” at the recently held Content 18 Film Festival and Summit. This is yet another example of the tremendous impact PJTN media is having and of the quality of what we are producing.

Boycott This! is a powerful film that reaches all ages of viewers from parents and grandparents to high school and college age students with a strong message that exposes the rise of the BDS Movement against Israel and why we as Christians, Jews and people of conscience must be armed with knowledge in the ongoing battle against anti-Semitism.

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YOU make productions like Boycott This! possible with your generous support of PJTN.


For your gift of $25 or more, please accept a copy of this award-winning film as our gift.  It comes with the hope you will share it with your friends, church group, and of course, within your home with your children and grandchildren.


We must not remain silent!  Knowledge is power as we face and overcome hatred.





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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