Vero Beach, Jupiter, & Winter Haven Among Her October Itinerary Schedulings

(NASHVILLE, TN)--September 30, 2019--Laurie Cardoza-Moore, Founder and President of Proclaiming Justice to The Nations (PJTN) will raise her voice of concern on subjects ranging from the Florida education wars to the alarming rise of antisemitism in America on an upcoming speaking schedule set for October within the state of Florida.
Laurie Cardoza-Moore is widely recognized as a conservative thought leader and outspoken voice in national media whose pro-Israel Christian organization, PJTN, has consistently sounded a strong and vocal concern over America's direction for more than a decade.
She has this week concluded a round of meetings with key leaders in Washington where she is calling on the House and Senate Education Committees to conduct special hearings on the indoctrination and propaganda being peddled to America's school children with the support of the federal government.
Her Florida topic: "The Subversive Infiltration of Our Educational System, Rise of the BDS Movement, and the Unraveling of Our Constitutional Republic."
“I am a veteran in the ongoing and escalating war for the minds of our children," she noted in a recent statement. "One source content provider, Pearson, who holds a monopoly of over 80% of the curriculum content presented K-12 has an apt mission statement: 'We Are Changing The Way America Thinks.’  No statement could be more true. While America has been distracted, Pearson has over the past several decades proven within their textbooks to be successful in their revision of our American history, insertion of pro-Islam content, de-valuing of our Judeo-Christian religious beliefs, and re-defining our American values in the attempt to take the minds of our children hostage. One of their principal editors, Shabbir Mansuri openly defined his agenda when he wrote: ‘I am waging a bloodless revolution, promoting world cultures and faiths in America’s classrooms.’"
She continued: "As the leader of a Christian non-profit organization that supports Israel and the Jewish people, I am deeply troubled by the alarming rise of the antisemitic BDS Movement and violence against Jewish students that exists in our educational system, both on college campuses and now being witnessed at shocking levels in grade school settings. Antisemitism has managed to infiltrate down to kindergarten content. Hatred isn't a birth-right. It's an acquired trait children are taught.
In short, the public education system is failing our nation’s students and putting the future of our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy.  I have a single message: ‘America, we must wake up!  We are losing our next generation of leadership in this country.”
Cardoza-Moore was quick to praise Florida Governor Ron DeSantis on his move to repeal Common Core and sign an executive order to remove inaccurate and biased curriculum from Florida schools. "In September 2017, we met with then Congressman DeSantis to share our data in an attempt to help make him aware of the numerous examples of inaccurate and biased curriculum being presented to our children--glaring content that included history revisionism and did not reflect the values of our Constitutional Republic. Since his election as Governor, I have issued a challenge to the governors of every state in America to follow Governor DeSantis' courageous lead--both on education and in support of Israel."
Dates and locations for Laurie Cardoza-Moore's upcoming speaking engagements in Florida include: 
Oct. 3rd -- Vero Beach -- Republican Club of Indian River-- Grand Harbor Golf & Beach Club--Address: 4985 Club Terrace.  Time:  5:00 PM.  For further information: 772-562-3235. Open to the public.
Oct. 7th -- Jupiter -- Palm Beach County Tea Party-- Abacoa Golf Club-- Address:15 Barbados Drive.  Time: 5:30 PM Dinner Event. For further information: 561-400-3411. Open to the public. 
Oct 23rd -- Winter Haven -- Lake Ashton Republican Club Meeting --  Lake Ashton Fitness Clubhouse -- Address: 6052 Pebble Beach Blvd. Time: 3:30 PM.  For further information (615) 778-0202.  Open to the public. 
Oct. 24th -- Winter Haven -- Winter Haven 912 Event -- Inman Park Baptist Church (Liberty Hall) -- Address: 1800 6th Street NW. Time: 6:30 pm.  For further information: 615-778-0202.  Open to the public.
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