(Nashville, TN) –July 18, 2019 –“While Americans are busy planning summer get-aways during their children’s school break, the union representing America’s teachers has regrettably been engaged with a growing faction within their  ranks attempting to use the NEA as a means  of  trafficking anti-Semitic hatred to our children’s  educators, and ultimately to their students.”

Thus began the formal complaint filed by PJTN Founder and President Laurie Cardoza-Moore directed to National Education Association (NEA) President Lily Eskelstein Garcia, following the teacher’s union convention in Houston earlier this month that drew a crowd of more than eight thousand participants.

The NEA is the largest labor union and pro interest group in the US with over 3 million members encompassing public school teachers from K-12 through university. For the second year in a row an apparent growing anti-Israel coalition within NEA has attempted to push an anti-Semitic BDS/Israel Apartheid agenda into the bylaws of the organization’s vote by the mainstream rank and file.

“New Business Item 26” appeared in the organizational literature at the convention, as well as online at NEA’s official website. 

Item 26 read in part:

  • The NEA will use existing digital communications to develop and publish resources to educate members and the general public on the apartheid, atrocities, and gross violations of human rights of Palestinian children and families by the State of Israel, funded directly by the United States.
  • NEA will publish an article in the NEA Today on the work that is being done by our members and organizations fighting for the rights of the Palestinian children and families.
  • NEA will partner with the No Way To Treat A Child campaign to pressure the Israeli government to end the detention and abuse of Palestinian Children.
  • The NEA must oppose the detainment, incarceration, torture, family separation, and murder of children and their families at the hands of the US, domestically and globally.

This proposal was brought to the forum by Erika Strauss Chavarria of Maryland.

Noted Cardoza-Moore:  “Even the very presentation of this as new business must be considered a dangerously radical reach for an organization whose stated objective declares, ‘We are the voice of educational professionals.  Our work is fundamentally to the nation, and we accept the profound trust placed in us.’  Trust?   How can America trust an agenda that doesn’t censure the open consideration of anti-Semitic policy based on disinformation with no proof to substantiate the outrageous claims?  Could it be any more obvious that those behind this initiative are pro-Palestinian advocates?

Cardoza-Moore’s complaint posed the question: “When was an American teacher’s union deputized to become a global watchdog whose mission it is to vilify Israel and become a vehicle to push hate within their membership?”

“I would expect a proposal of this anti-Semitic nature being talked about in meeting rooms of the UN where Israel has few allies.  I find it shocking in the setting of the largest convention of American teachers. The language presented to their convention pre-supposes Israel is an apartheid state, guilty of atrocities and this lie was published in conference materials as well as online at the NEA website. The very existence of such gross propaganda being allowed legitimacy in the open forum is a means of mainstreaming hatred and lies. It warrants the deep concern for every American parent.”

“Certainly dedicated and patriotic teachers—Christians, Jews and people of good conscience—exist within the NEA.  Of concern is the existence of an anti-Semitic faction who for a second year have had a strong enough voice to be heard by their 3 million fellow members. Theirs is a persistence that will only grow in the attempt to influence their fellow educators—our children’s teachers and the guardians of the minds of America’s next generation of leaders.”

The demand for censure of the NEA is the newest chapter in PJTN’s ongoing national campaign to bring attention to what Cardoza-Moore terms “the unspoken crisis in the educational system in America.” PJTN has led the charge on the frontlines and in the headlines for over a decade in expressing growing outrage over curriculum being used nationwide.  Classroom training materials examined were found to contain gross examples of social justice propaganda, revisionist, distorted, and abbreviated American history, factual inaccuracies and a growing trend of anti-American, anti-Semitic and pro-Islamic content. “The public education system is failing our nation’s students and has put the future of our Constitutional Republic in jeopardy,” she notes.  “Now to follow that chain from the classroom up to the inner workings of the NEA’s compliance in presenting a manifesto of anti-Semitic agenda for the consideration of their membership vote dramatically underscores my long-time message: ‘Wake up America!  Our nation is in danger of losing our next generation of leadership!”

Noting New Business Item 26 was ultimately defeated for what was termed ‘budgetary reasons,’ Cardoza-Moore added: “For a second year, anti-Israel propaganda has been presented to the audience of over 3 million American educators for serious consideration of adoption.  This proposal’s very existence is insidious even in defeat.  The fact that hatred is packaged and presented to our children’s teachers as legitimate, progressive business being considered for addition to the NEA platform makes it easier for next year’s anti-Israel resolution to be presented with the potential of  its’ acceptance.”

The hands entrusted with the education of our children must be under close scrutiny if America is to continue to go down the path of greatness.”

 “I’ll await the response of the NEA.”


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