Over the weekend PJTN issued a press release in which I personally called upon Christians worldwide to educate themselves on the true agenda of the “Christ At The Checkpoint” organization—a group with a Christian sounding name but a nefarious mission.  Under this veneer of sheep’s clothing lives the ravening wolf mentality of an antisemitic, pro-Palestinian group that makes loud proclamation that Jesus was in reality a Palestinian. They have attempted to cover-up the persecution of Christians in Bethlehem and throw up media blocks on the reality of the mass exodus of thousands of true Christians who have fled the city under the oppressive rule of the Palestinian Authority Control.

Read Laurie’s comments in Breaking Israel News here.

In a recent tweet, Ilhan Omar revealed her planned trip to Bethlehem on her now defunct visit to Israel.  Part of the agenda for Omar and Tlaib would have been a planned meeting in Bethlehem with Christ At The Checkpoint—a meeting  I could best describe as “old home week for terrorists.”

Contrary to the propaganda being spun by “Christ At The Checkpoint,” the reality of life in Bethlehem for Christians has been one of total persecution.  In the PJTN documentary Boycott This! released in 2015, we exposed the frequency of Christians in Bethlehem being shot—sometimes killed—and their churches burned down for the alleged crime of attempting to worship in their city.  Christians once comprised over 20% of the population of Bethlehem but that number has dwindled to barely 2% who have remained to this day under the oppression of Palestinian control—many of those remaining too old or poor to escape.

Not only does Christ At The Checkpoint diminish the message of Christianity, which is deeply rooted in the Hebrew Bible, but they have re-written the biblical narrative, quoting text and scripture out of context to further their antisemitic efforts of proving Jesus was not a Jew.  Rather than an observant Jew from Judea as the Bible recounts, they paint a picture of a Palestinian Jesus denied to this day his true heritage by Christians and Jews.

Many unsuspecting evangelical Christians have been drawn—either knowingly or unknowingly—into Christ At The Checkpoint messaging—including some major leaders I have publicly denounced.  The Palestinian “victim strategy” has an unfortunate allure when neatly applied by antisemites.  Words like “suffering,” human rights, freedom, civil rights, humanitarian crisis, wall of separation, demeaning checkpoints, social justice—dog whistles one all used to get the evangelical community to side with pro-Palestinian forces in their battle against Israel as a villainous “occupier.”

We can be thankful Omar and Tlaib never made their trip to Israel nor had the opportunity to turn it into anti-Israel propaganda.  All Christians should be appalled at the blanket silence on these women’s vocal “Jew hatred” and the blind eye turned by both Congress and the national media.  We will not allow a loud minority of Islamists to drown out the real truth, nor silence the voices of our brothers and sisters in Bethlehem.

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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
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