My last message of 2019 to you on this the last day of Hanukkah has taken an unexpected somber turn. 

Instead of a glowing recap of the many victories that PJTN had this year in the global war against antisemitism, I am saddened to report that the violence against our Jewish brethren just in New York City alone during this season of Hanukkah made unprecedented national headlines.  The escalated violence was capped this past weekend by the break-in and vicious attack unleashed during a private Hanukkah celebration at a rabbi’s home that resulted in the stabbing of five innocent people.  As reported by CNN, Fox and the mainstream media over the past two days, this rash of vicious attacks against Jews in NYC has been “a growing daily epidemic” since the December 11 shooting at the kosher supermarket in nearby Jersey City that lead to the death of three Jewish patrons and a police officer at the hands of a pair of avowed antisemites armed with long rifles.

At the close of 2019 this week, added police presence; special armed patrols of Jewish neighborhoods; heightened security around synagogues and even the addition of the “Guardian Angel” volunteer protection organization are being marshaled in the streets of New York as the year ends.

Jewish friends and supporters of PJTN are telling me “we are afraid.”  Especially, initially, being targeted are seemingly those in traditional orthodox garb.  

But the sad truth is: As we face the promise of the new year, it no longer seems safe to be a Jew in America.  When the New Year’s Eve ball drops in Times Square tomorrow night, it does so in a city in the midst of the revival of the age-old hatred of antisemitism in a world that witnessed the horrific murder of six million Jews and just one generation ago vowed: “never again.”  Soon, as history has proven, it will not be safe to be a Christian in America if we do not speak up in defense of the Jewish friends and neighbors that surround us.

Never has the need for PJTN been more dramatic When God gave me the vision in 2001 to form a Christian organization in support of our Jewish brethren, he also gave me a dream.  In the dream I saw a vast multitude of people locking arms in solidarity.  Locked arm-in-arm as they stood together, they formed a virtually unpenetrable wall.  I heard the message: “You have to come through us this time.”  I knew immediately when I awoke that this was the mission God was calling PJTN to fulfill.  Then, I saw in part.  Now, I fully understand the depth of the calling.

They must come through us this time and we at PJTN will lock arms of solidarity around our Jewish brethren! Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience who will join us—we at PJTN are called for this hour!

Please watch this year-end personal video message.  Please share it with friends and join me in this commitment!

We must increase our ability to reach wider with the PJTN message—and I can only accomplish this with your financial support.  I will make a personal commitment to the doubling of our every organizational effort to defeat antisemitism in all its virulent forms—in media, in politics, in culture, in communities.  We will not remain silent in the face of evil. 

Please remember us in your year-end giving.

  • We have a $100,000 match grant from a foundation that will match our donor dollars, dollar to dollar.
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  • Become a “Watchman On The Wall” with just a $20/month pledge.
  • PJTN Watchmen, please prayerfully consider increasing your monthly pledge.

 Each and every dollar will be used in the battle at hand in the New Year.


Praying for a year that sees the defeat of all enemies of God’s Chosen People!






Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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