Personal Video Message From Laurie In The Aftermath Of The Tree Of Life Massacre

I’m very grateful for the opportunity this message gives me to share a moment with you.  In the aftermath of the tragedy that unfolded in the Jewish community in Pittsburgh this past weekend, I have received messages from members of our PJTN family from literally all over the world.

By now, they, like us here in America, have all witnessed the images and the aftermath of mourning from this senseless act of brutality.

But we as a global family have witnessed something more.  We have seen the eternal God of Abraham, Isaac and Jacob gather under His wings of comfort both Jew and Gentile alike.  We have seen Christians gathering by the thousands both in Pittsburgh, around the country and around the globe to share the weight of mourning and the goodness of love with their Jewish brethren.  Strands of love have been woven tighter between hearts and communities.

Despite this horrific tragedy—to see the goodness of “brotherhood” emerge so powerfully is a testimony to the strength of our faith and our bond to our Jewish brethren.

PJTN exists to combat the hatred of anti-Semitism.  We are here on the frontlines 24/7 –365– to motivate, activate and educate against the dark seeds of hatred against the Jewish people. 

I am asking the PJTN family, major donors and “Watchmen”—to please continue to join me in prayer throughout this week. Let us pray that God will comfort the loved ones of those lost.  Pray for the Jewish community of Pittsburgh and our Jewish brethren all over the world as they continue to face threats, persecution and the daily evil of terrorism that vies to destroy the very existence of Israel itself.  Let’s continue to pray for the day when PJTN’s work is crowned with the ultimate success—the day that the vile hatred of anti-Semitism exists no more.


Shalom and blessings,



Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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