Our Jewish Students Are Under Attack

I was so incredibly encouraged by the overwhelmingly supportive response to the Tuesday message with the article link to Rabbi Spiro’s commentary on America’s Judeo-Christian roots.

Rabbi’s message underscores PJTN’s mandate to reach campuses with new initiatives that promote support of Israel and the Jews.
Amazing how far our nation has fallen from those founding values! The article points out that earliest American law insisted on education for all to be following Jewish Law.  Today’s most prestigious schools such as Harvard, Yale, William & Mary, Rutgers, Princeton, Brown, Kings College (later known as Columbia), Johns Hopkins, Dartmouth—all once featured the Bible in a central role of their curriculum, offering both Hebrew and Bible as required courses.
Is it any wonder enemies of America and Israel would so virulently target these very same campuses where our values first flourished? These same early “teachers of Judeo-Christian values” are today leading battlegrounds for anti-Semitism, the virulent BDS Movement and every vile form of hatred for Israel now sweeping our nation.
PJTN remains on the forefront in the battle to protect both Israel and our American values.  We are planning a complete strategy to be presented in Washington at the highest levels of our educational system.  The root of hatred begins early—in America’s K-12 textbooks and we must fight back!
Shalom and blessings,


Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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