Ohio Becomes 12th State To Pass PJTN's Anti-BDS Resolution

I am “at ground zero” today in Ohio to bring you the good news that the Ohio House of Representatives has today followed the Senate’s lead in passing HCR10 – it’s a landmark day for PJTN’s two year campaign to educate, advocate and raise awareness for this important piece of legislation which condemns the anti-Semitic BDS movement in the state of Ohio.

Working to create awareness in Ohio—as in the other 11 states that already passed similar legislation—has enabled PJTN to create a strong coalition of like-minded citizens and grassroots supporters who share our mission.  We used the two years to educate Ohio and its citizens on the meaning of the essential goodness of Israel; the danger posed by the BDS Movement to the rights and safety of Ohio’s Jewish students and their Christian allies on campus; Overall, awareness was brought to the dangers posed by BDS to the continuation of free speech on campus – a threat if left unchecked poses the potential extinction of First Amendment rights.

Today’s “win” in Ohio is just one example of what your support of PJTN means.

Through your donations, we are able to remain on the frontlines and in the headlines in “Igniting The Torch” to educate, motivate and activate support for values that both create a better future for our children, as well as demonstrate our commitment of support of Israel and our Jewish brethren.

Please know that your year-end support is essential!  The year ahead will be a challenging one as we vigilantly and prayerfully attempt to gain ground in future victories in the ongoing battle against anti-Semitism.  Please consider your best donation today.


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Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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