Did you know during this new school year children within our American public school system grades 5 through 12 are:

  • Required to learn about the Five Pillars of Islam and asked to create posters about them?
  • Asked to read and provide life lessons from scripture from the Quran and how it is implemented into Muslim life?

Wake up America, this is happening!  It’s a new school year and “Access Islam,” a program backed by the US Department of Education, is being used to indoctrinate our children with unconstitutional pro Islamic content. 

  • In Virginia students are required in this program to copy the Shahada, the Muslim profession of faith that declares, “There is no god but Allah, and Mohammad is the messenger of Allah.”
  • In New York, students are shown videos of Islamic terrorists justifying their attacks against Israel—this in classrooms within the State and some within the shadow of where the Twin Towers once stood.
  • In Massachusetts, reading materials for the course funded by Arab states are required course reading for our children—materials as PJTN has long trumpeted—that are filled with pro Palestinian/anti-Israel content.  Parents should not be shocked when their Christian kids arrive on the college campuses of America steeped in antisemitism and carrying signs to march for the BDS Movement.
  • Within the course study across the board, children are presented visual aids such as videos of Christians converting to Islam and giving encouragement on the virtues of Allah.  Students are virtually being taught how to be a good Muslim.

Parents requesting that their child receive an alternative assignment are denied.  They are told that their child will have a failing grade if they do not complete the Access Islam course studies.

Recently a mother who is a PJTN Watchman contacted me to express her deep concern when her third grader came home with a spelling list that contained the word “shahada” as part of the words to learn and know.  Another Watchman who is also a former high school teacher expressed her concern in saying: “There is a major difference between requiring teachers to implement a curriculum with lessons intended to make students ‘culturally awake and informed’ and a curriculum intended in its entirety that favors any particular religion over another.  It is shocking that this mandatory curriculum is being administered in US public schools where no other religions are promoted or taught to this magnitude.  This is unconstitutional.”

Yes, it is unconstitutional on both the national and state level.

As the Clarion Project recently noted: The US Department of Education’s presentation of the “Access Islam” program contradicts America’s stance on the Israel-Palestinian conflict in total. The U.S. has shown our ally support of Israel and does not recognize a country called “Palestine.”

The question to be posed: How can America publicly support Israel and yet allow anti-Israel, pro-Islamic propaganda to be a mandatory course in any American classroom?  And this in a nation with a public school system where no other religion is openly promoted and the Bible is not welcomed to be openly read?  Prayers at football games, and as you’ll recall, are considered dangerous expressions of faith.  Were Christianity being taught as a mandatory subject in America’s schools, we all know that the ACLU would be battering down doors to get to the Supreme Court!

With a new school year just beginning, PJTN has a mandate for all Watchmen:  GET THE WORD OUT!

You can watch excerpts from the Department of Education’s Access Islam curriculum video here:

Go online at PJTN to sign a petition protesting inclusion of this curriculum in American schools 

PJTN has a White Paper report that will be presented to the Department of Education in Washington, DC., along with your signature on the petition. Please sign the petition to remove "Access Islam" today! Our message: We are in danger of losing our next generation of leadership—our children.

Our voices must be heard and will be heard.

We can only do what we do through your continued support!  

As the new school year begins, so continues our battle to educate, motivate and activate on yet another issue that impacts the lives of all Christians, Jews and people of conscience who are concerned about the future course America is taking. Thank you for your most generous gift to PJTN today.





Laurie Cardoza-Moore
President/Proclaiming Justice to The Nations


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