Rebuilding the Walls in This Generation

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I will be doing an interview today with Newsmax to comment on the controversy surrounding Governor DeSantis signing the Parental Rights In Education bill in Florida.

This call came as a result of PJTN’s tireless campaign to reform Civics and Holocaust Education and the ongoing benefit our revisions are bringing to the more than 1.8 million students within the state. Governor DeSantis is on the side of a return to Judeo-Christian values in America and combating antisemitism in K-12 classrooms. He is standing to protect the next generation of leadership in America—our children—and for that reason, I am standing in support of him to protect the values we hold dear as Christians, Jews and all people of good conscience. We are committed to Taking Back America’s Children.

PJTN is not a political organization. We are so deeply involved in issues surrounding education, birthed out of our mandate to support Israel and our Jewish brethren against the rise of global antisemitism. Culture, not I, moved the battlefield of antisemitism into our children’s classrooms. To “speak up” today is to become a political target tomorrow—something PJTN is now used to. We are speaking up for the same reason all of us need to speak up: To remain silent means our Judeo-Christian values are being taken from us. With the loss of our values in this generation goes the next leadership of America in the future. And with it goes America’s unfailing support of Israel. As I have often told you: “Hatred begins with the planting of small seeds, K-12.”

PJTN has been at the forefront in Tennessee of rallying support for a definition of antisemitism for five years. I will tell you bluntly—there was a well-organized, well-funded attempt to “kill” this highly contested bill again this year. This definition of antisemitism on Tennessee campuses is needed! Once passed, this definition will be applied by the administration to determine if an incident occurs that fits within the definition of antisemitism. If the action fits within the definition adopted, it will trigger a federal investigation to ensure that the civil rights of Jewish and Zionist students were not violated. A violation of this statute will bring federal charges against the perpetrator(s).

The bill is currently working its way through the Senate and House committee processes. I give credit to the response from our PJTN Watchmen for keeping the bill alive thus far—and we MUST continue to hold the line of support!

Who would want to see this Bill die? Anti-semites in high places in education—many on college campuses who would rather conceal prejudice and violence against Jewish students than face the scorn of drawing negative national attention or the risk of losing funding on their campuses!

Is there antisemitism in Tennessee?

Vanderbilt and UT Knoxville have been in the news in recent years for incidents ranging from swastikas being painted on campus gathering spots and in dorms to personal assaults on Jewish students. In February in Hamilton County, Tennessee, national headlines were attracted to the story of the teacher who instructed her Bible class on “how to torture a Jew.” In McMinn County, the highly respected Pulitzer Prize-winning graphic novel on the Holocaust, Maus was removed from the 8th-grade curriculum as deemed “inappropriate” for students. The age-old hatred of the Jews that we see on Tennessee college campuses begins with—you guessed it, the “small seeds” planted K-12.

I cannot do what I do without your prayers and financial support! I am reminded often, in the midst of struggles of the story of Nehemiah and the rebuilding of the walls of Jerusalem. God, of course, instructed Nehemiah to rebuild the walls to protect the citizens from enemy attacks. The message of Nehemiah is how much we can accomplish when we are aligned with the will and plan of God! Nehemiah and his followers did what seemed to be the impossible—rebuilding the walls around Jerusalem in just 52 days because they were doing what God had called them to do.

Thank you again for your prayers, your financial support, for standing with PJTN and for answering the call of God in our generation!




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