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  • @MargieW57500010 tweeted link to Activism. 2020-07-30 21:54:50 -0500
    I signed up to volunteer for Proclaiming Justice To the Nations. Join me!


    In your community and in your state—we work with people who are concerned, frustrated, and ready to engage with likeminded friends and neighbors who come together to protect their communities.  

    Instead of blaming PC, appeasers, and overwhelmed “leaders” we understand the power we possess to make the changes so critical to our communities and lives.  We channel our energy into training and equipping decision-makers and lawmakers to prioritize our issues, protect the good among us, and delegitimize the anti-Semitic. 

    PJTN’s movement of concerned citizens recognize that today, there is a renewed crisis of anti-Semitism in our nation and in our world.  Our response has been to take the most meaningful step we could:  from the grassroots level to the top decision-makers, people have come together, across party lines and as brave citizens to introduce and help PJTN pass legislation to protect our Jewish neighbors.  Already introduced and passed in 10 states and 3 countries, our goal is to pass anti-BDS Resolutions at the UN, across the United States and in 25 more countries by 2025.

    BDS – are code-letters – ‘dog whistles’ calling the anti-Semitic (or the uninformed and ignorant) to Boycott, Divest and Sanction God’s land of Israel.  BDS, anti-Israel and anti-Zionism is anti-Semitism.  Help us rid the worldview of anti-Semites from all our communal spaces, from our churches to our schools and all the way to the UN.

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  • Sign Today to Show Your Support of the “Saving American History Act of 2020” Bill to Protect America's Children

    YES! I want my voice to be heard with PJTN in support of the “Saving American History Act of 2020."

    Thank you, Senator Cotton, for your patriotism in introducing this bill in the Senate.

    View this urgent message from PJTN Founder Laurie Cardoza-Moore

    PJTN is adding its organizational voice of support to Arkansas Senator Tom Cotton’s newly introduced legislation —“Saving American History Act of 2020”— a bold call to bar Federal funding from schools that have or are seeking to incorporate the “1619 Project” into their curriculum.  

    The “1619 Project” must be publicly called out for what it is: A racially divisive, hate-filled revisionist re-write of American history that suggests the nation’s real birth should be observed with the arrival of 20 slaves who landed in Jamestown in 1619. It denies the intent and integrity of the founding fathers' vision of a brave new land of freedom for all, replacing it with a tarnished view of “the original sins” of craven slave owners seeking to enslave and perpetuate the evil of continued bondage over the black population who arrived on America’s shore. It is a deplorable attempt to diminish America’s greatness and stoke continued racial tension and violence in American streets while seeking to perpetuate the lies to new generations of our children through our already broken and corrupt educational system. 

    As Senator Cotton said: “Not a single cent of federal funding should go to indoctrinate young Americans with this left-wing garbage.” His bill sets forth the proposal that the Secretaries of Education, Health, Human Services and Agriculture would be mandated to prorate funding for schools based on whether they incorporate the 1619 curriculum into their classrooms while exempting low income and special needs students. 

    The 1619 Project was launched and has been exhaustively promoted by the liberal media stakeholders at the New York Times who were quickly forced to issue major corrections for inaccuracies after being besieged with widespread criticism from a league of respected American educators and historians who found the revisions outrageous. They have lost no time or enthusiasm in spreading this poison to our children’s classrooms. The Pulitzer Prize-winning lead writer of the project, Nikole Hannah-Jones has spent recent weeks doing rounds of media to encourage the violence surrounding racism in America’s streets while underscoring the passionate ongoing mission to chronicle the unrepentant racist heart “white privilege” of our evil country. Her attempts, not surprisingly, have gathered a following of major high profile Hollywood celebrities including Oprah Winfrey who has plans of launching a film series based on the same lies being perpetrated for K-12 learning materials. The curriculum is already in place in Chicago, Newark, Buffalo, NYC and D.C. school districts. 

    Amid a firestorm of attacks from leftwing media outlets led by CNN and the New York Times who are saying Senator Cotton noted in an interview that he views slavery as “a necessary evil” (a lie!), we at PJTN must stand in unity and support for the bravery of Senator Cotton’s position of leadership in protecting America’s children. The 1619 Project is hate-driven racial propaganda based on lies that undermine and bring disgrace to the noble founding of the nation that upholds liberty and freedom for all. We need more voices of leadership in Washington like this brave man. 

    I will be contacting Senator Cotton’s office with a show of support for the “Saving American History Act of 2020” from PJTN and I would encourage every concerned Christian, Jew and person of good conscience under the banner of PJTN to do the same. We must pray for Senator Cotton’s safe passage of the “Saving American History Act of 2020” into law! 

    We have an opportunity to turn the tide for God's values in America. It will take all of us in unity if we hope to save our children and grandchildren to grow up in a still great nation that we helped preserve as their inheritance. 

    Thank you for your support of this and all efforts PJTN is making to “keep America great” for a new generation! The fight is taking many forms and many fronts—we cannot do what we do without you! Know that your voice will—and must--be heard!

    Sign the petition and share the petition link and my video message within your family, friends, and social media contacts.  

    Let your voice be heard today!  

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