In 2015. PJTN spearheaded the first ant-BDS resolution campaign in Tennessee.


Based on the overwhelming success, PJTN Watchmen are currently working across the country in replicating and scaling PJTN’s original “Tennessee Language” so that more states and nations can pass more resolutions, more quickly in the global war against anti-Semitism.  


While other anti-BDS measures protect business and trade, PJTN’s Anti-BDS Resolution has been identified as a most effective tool—innoculating parents, educators, stakeholders, and our next generation against the normalization of Jew hatred.


By activating and leveraging PJTN Watchman, Anti-BDS Resolutions have been successful: 

  • To date passed in 10 states
  • Been introduced in Ohio, Texas, and Georgia in 2017
  • Passed a motion in Canada with our “Tennessee Language” resolution being accepted by Parliament
  • 37 states have to date requested information  to be introduced to their legislations
  • 10 nations globally are in the process of taking action against BDS with legislation.


How can you help?  With your support we will replicate and share the playbook with media, in meetings, and through grassroots campaigns targeted to assure the safeguard of America’s educational/social ecosystem.  

Please join with us!


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